Next-Gen Baby Care System

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People get worried when they are going to give birth to a child and be parents. It is not an easy task to be a parent. Is sure is a pleasant and amazing feeling, but it takes more than just being happy about it. Raising a child is like growing a tree. You have to take care of him at every moment. It usually worries parents to be there every second with their child and take care about every little thing. Some people who are not responsible about their own things in life, have to take the responsibility of their child and this worries them the most.


Parenthood- a difficult task

Owning a pet doesn’t even come close to having a child. Parenthood is both wonderful and awful at the same time. Why? Because people tell you all the good things about it. They tell you about all the good feelings you get when you have a baby. Seeing a baby get big and grow and learn new things and smile at us and talk is sure a very sweet thing. But how to deal with round-the-clock care and attention gets hectic at times. It is not clearly intuitive what will happen when you have a child. Some people panic too much about it and some don’t get anxious at all. But one should really make his mind about it already.

Why parents worry about their newly born child?

Some parents get very anxious about their newly born. Child follows his own schedule. He eats at his own time and sure will poop at the wrong time for you. Parents sometimes worry a lot about the health of children. They want to be ensured that their child is safe and healthy. Parents feel anxious when they find anything unusual with the child eating, drinking, breathing or crying etc.

Technological Baby Care

As the technology has advanced so much, it has created so many benefits for us. Our new generation is less responsible than our parents or grandparents, they fear the responsibilities yet at the same time want their children to be safe, healthy and taken care of. Now it’s a gift from technology that you can keep a track of your baby’s health and wellness all the time. You don’t have to physically monitor your child. An innovative device Neebo is made which allows you to keep a check on your baby every time. It is a combination of technology with innovation. It is a perfect monitoring device. It has a band which your baby can wear. It is specially designed to be foolproof. It ensures the safety and security of your baby. This device works effectively in determining the sound, heart rate, BO level, thermal comfort and change in the breathing patterns of your baby.It also lets the parents know about any suspicious activity through a video indication that can be played again later. Key features of this device are voice chat, audio content, sound monitor, heart rate monitor, thermal comfort monitor, oxygen saturation monitor.  Neebo also comes with its own apps which you can use in your phone. It reports any suspicious activity directly to your phone.

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