Get These Flowers for His/her Birthday and Seal the Moment of Love

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It’s generally quoted that the earth laughs through these beautiful flowers. You can make someone smile and laugh in a brighter way by gifting alluring flowers on his/her birthdays. It’s a nice tradition of presenting flowers to someone on various occasions. Send flowers to Gurgaon to your friend on his/her birthday but before that you should know the perfect birthday flowers. I have come up with a list of flowers that are just perfect to be gifted on occasion of birthdays. The celebration of birthdayis once a year and that’s why you should choose the best flower for your loved ones.

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Here is a list of birthday flowers for you:

  • Jasmine: It is one of the most relaxing flowers that can be gifted to loved ones. The sweet and soothing aroma fills the heart with positivity and often this is marked with love and romance. The snowy white petals of this small flower are a paradise for years. It is also used in tea because it is believed to relieve stress like magic.
  • Begonia: Many people may confuse this with rose due to the twisted petals. But this is the only flower that can give atight competition to the beauty of a rose. If it is a birthday of someone whom you are very thankful, you can get begonia as this flower expresses gratitude.
  • Zinnia: This bright and vivacious flower means that you are remembering the person on a daily basis and it also expresses admiration and affection. If you still haven’t spilled the beans about your love towards that special someone, take this flower and let the petals talk.
  • Lavender: One stick of lavender flower consists of many florets of a bright violet color. It stands for purity, devotion, grace, and calmness. For a friend who doesn’t talk much, this would be a great birthday flower.
  • Carnation: It is a beautiful flower that is often connected with Mother Mary as it is a belief that the petals of this flower were formed out of tear drops of Mother Mary when she was shedding tears for her son. In Chinese culture this flower is a wedding day flower while in Japan it is a Mother’s Day flower. In India it is both. This flower originally belongs to Spain and has a sweet fragrance that expresses love, fascination, and distinction. You can send flowers to Gurgaon selecting a bouquet of carnations to your mom on her birthday.

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