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In the online search ranking realm, there is a concept called “over ranking”, which could make your website disappear from the web. Generally, this happens when you resort to a massive SEO campaign for your site, which entails an unnatural looking amount of backlinks heading to your primary site. In the eyes of Google, a huge number of backlinks that have been generated in a relatively short time period is apparently dubious, which is typically referred to as black hat SEO. Google is completely against such bad SEO practices.


“How many backlinks are way too many?”

This depends on how recently your site has gone online and also the amount of backlinking you’ve resorted to in the past. In case you hired a cheap SEO service provider, the backlinks created by them could have now been blacklisted for being spammy. In the past, creating backlinks and getting ranked for the same was not so tough. Therefore, there were hundreds of so called small business SEO experts who did the backlinking for a ridiculously cheap amount.

“What next if my site has been a cheap SEO trick victim?”

In certain cases, the SEO work has to completely start from scratch. There’s almost nothing getting around it. In case you can find out the sites that are hurting your search engine positioning, get in touch with the respective web administrators to remove the backlinks. However, if you aren’t able to do so, then your next option is to probably not rank for the particular keywords or key phrases those backlinks are targeting.

“Okay, how would you do SEO differently from others?”

Look at the SEO infographic below for more information. In a nutshell, our focus would be to build the online foundations for your site in the most organic way possible.

For any new site, Google assumes the webmaster would resort to the following activities:

• Listing the company in Internet-based business directories
• Setting up a blog
• Creating social media pages

Build your backlinking techniques gradually. For instance, begin with 5 backlinks in the starting week. Increase the number sporadically, so that the weeks to follow would see more than 5 backlinks. This backlinking tactic could comprise article writing, blogging, directory listings, and social media activity.

If you’d like some easy SEO done, make your business’ presence felt on different social media sites – the primary ones being LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. In case you own a more creative business, an Instagram presence may fuel your efforts. These are not the only social media websites. Look up other sites if they suit your business model. Put down as much information about your company as you possibly can on these sites. Make sure you don’t have the same profile on all the sites. Try to mix up things a bit.

If this seems like a lot of work, let us handle it!

All of the aforementioned techniques and tips would take time and good amount of research. If you’re not keen on doing them yourself, you will have to find someone else to do it for you.

Have an SEO expert help you out with things – it’s not wise stressing out over things you have little to no idea about. SEO is a big puzzle, and the different elements carry equal weights. Typically, the major aspect of ranking your site is getting backlinks from authoritative websites in your domain or making the industry talk about your business. Also, you would require a range of backlinks from multiple other sources to make your site’s backlinks profile strong and diverse.

“So would it be correct if I completely handover my site’s SEO work to a particular industry professional?”

It depends. To begin with, ensure all onsite attributes are honed and search engine-ready. This will comprise site elements, including:

• Meta description
• Meta tags
• Site keywords
• Alt or alternative description tags
• Content comprises the right keywords sans being found guilty of keyword stuffing
• Proper headings
• Good amount of unique content
• Integration with social media

“How long would I have to wait to see my site reach the number 1 position?”

Our objective in the beginning was to work on keywords that are easy to rank for, and then look to rank for the more competitive keywords. This strategy should result in some good amount of traffic to your site. In other words, it’s like taking one step at a time and not going for a huge jump to only fall flat on the ground.

So what is the conclusion?

With bigger investments in SEO, the marketing for your site would become easier. Make people take notice of your site so you could experiment with them and convert them into customers.

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