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Choosing the best hair straightener for hair can go a long way to give you the maximum satisfaction on the beauty and hair style you desire. Hair straightener, also known as piastra per capelli in Italian, planchapara el pelo in Spanish or flat irons in English are equipments that use heated plates to flatten thick, curly, and tights hair to give it a nice look. Hair straightener is considered as the best alternative for dryer and paddle brush, in the sense that it can straightened the hair perfectly-well without damage. Now, one of the concerns of many people when buying this product is how to choose the right one that will performthe task without any hassles. In this article, we’re going to look at how to buy the perfect hair straightener for your hair.

Choosing Hair Straightener

  1. Consider ceramic flat irons

If you’re looking for the best hair straightener or piastra per capelli (as it is known in Italian as said before), then you have go for the one made of ceramic material. The reason is simple; it is the best you can get that will performthe any task you will need for straightening hair without any hassle. Ceramic flat irons are great when it comes to smoothing out hair and reducing the amount of frizz, it can hold heat very well and encourages heat distribution. However,if it becomes necessary that is ceramic flat irons you have to choose,you can choose any of the straightener such as ceramic coating or tourmaline plates.

  1. If you have a thick or coarse hair consider titanium flat irons

Titanium will be a great option for those who have a thick or coarse hair. Titanium hair straightener has been known as effective equipment that heat up faster than even the ceramic flat irons; it can hold high heat at stable temperature and also does the job without hassles. Titanium will make your hair looks great and helps smoothens it within a twinkle of an eye.

  1. Consider Italian or Korean brands

The Italian piastra per capelli are well-known hair straightener, and experts have recommended it to be used for any type of hair. The Korean hair straightener is also very effective if you want to have a smooth, straight, and beautiful hair. The Italian flat irons are available in supermarkets and stores globally; you can choose the right size that matches your requirements.

  1. Go for quality

It’s important to know that there are flat irons that do not come with very good materials and are not durable. Those can be as cheap like reciting“ABCD”. You can find a good one from the rate of $60 and above. Studies have shown that, any piastra per capelli that is less than $60 has a big question mark in terms of quality.


In conclusion, hair straightener is the best equipment you will need to have your hair smoothened and looks great. However, it is important to be smart when buying one so that you don’t have regrets after that.

Hope this article helps!

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