Some Main Functions of the Clerk of a Court

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One of the most important persons of any court is a clerk. He has to deal with the financial matter of the court. Similarly,he is responsible for maintaining the record of the court. But these are not the only tasks that he performs. There are more other responsibilities he is performing on his own. Some of his tasks are to make documentation and receipts of the records. He also assists the judge and many other organizations of the district. For him completing all the tasks of the office are necessary. He has to keep the record of all the hearings of the day. He is also working hard for the issuance of record permits and licenses. As he also performs the financial duties so all the charges are submitted to him.

The Daunting Tasks of a Clerk

  1. All the documents that documents that are placed inside the court the clerk are responsible to carefully keep all of them under his custody. These records are related to all the transactions made by real estate
  2. The entire summons ordered by judges is issued by the clerk. He also pays all the payments and fees to the parties.
  3. He is acting as a chief financial officer of the court and he ensures that all the expenses of the court are as per law and order.
  4. He is also related to the commissioner so whenever the meeting is help by the board he has to attend them. He has the complete record of the preceding and he also maintains the time required for different meetings.
  5. The clerk is being appointed by the United States department so he is also performing the task to process all the applications for the passport.
  6. He is performing a dedicated duty to organize marriage ceremonies and to issue marriage licenses.
  7. He keeps the record of the most confidential data of the court with complete security and safety. The record includes cases related to family and civil and all the claims and proceedings related to traffic violations.

What Qualifications are required to be a Court’s Clerk?

Any person who wants to be a clerk of court should have a degree or related specialization in this field. Having an administrative degree will be more beneficial as he has to act like an administrator. He can also have a degree related to criminal justice system.  A clerk is equally important in maintaining the law and order of the country like a court. All the arrangements of the court are being help by the clerk by keeping in mind all the obligations. He knows well how to keep the proofs and records safe and secure as he has a methodology to perform this task full of responsibility. In any hearing, he is the most responsible person as he assists all the lawyer and judges. The clerk is the most important entity of any a country same like courts are important for any country to maintain law and order.

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