Benefits of Robotic Systems in Health Care

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The wonders of technology can sometimes be really impressive and overwhelming. It is intimidating how a robot could operate a human being (for example, on you). The application of robotics in medicine allows its advance through the development of new techniques of study and work. By the mid-1990s, Sarstedt had begun to develop laboratory automation systems to extend its skills as a provider of system solutions and thus to assist its customers and partners in the development of processes.

Robotic Systems

A robot is essentially a system organized in such a way that it responds with an intelligent action to the stimuli that it is able to perceive. It can be considered as the synthesis of several subsystems, among which the following components stand out:

The sensory system: composed of sensors that collect information about the state of the robot itself and its environment;

The drive system, composed of the actuating elements (motors, for example) that allow to carry out the actions programmed;

The control unit: formed by the computational elements and software that regulate the global behavior of the robot.

The benefits of the Robotic Systems are discussed as follows:

Optimal and Efficient Laboratory Facilities

With this in mind, improving security, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of processes was and remains the priority. Modular automation solutions were offered for smart sorting, distribution, fractioning, etc. for pre- and post-analytical processes in the clinical and microbiological sectors.

Precision, Reliability, Performance and Speed

Precision, reliability, performance and speed is what robotics offers during surgical and other medical procedures. The limits posed by human ability to make mistakes are eliminated with the use of robotic systems.

Ability to withstand large Doses of Radiation

Equipment and systems that have robotic technology are capable of withstanding large doses of radiation.

No fatigue or tiredness

Robots do not experience fatigue or trembling, so they are able to do their work over and over again.

Easy Recording of the entire process

Robotic equipment can be added video cameras, with which they obtain recordings of the work done.

Surgical operations can be carried out   from different parts of the world. This results in more time to attend to more patients, thus greater patient satisfaction.

A wide range of devices for debugging and filling, compact sorters and modular pre- and post-analytical processing systems offer customers solutions for the automation of analyzes.

At a time when quality demands are increasing simultaneously with the scarcity of human resources, automation must also play an even more important role in healthcare.

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