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Map pillows are the most accurate option to highlighting the décor of every room of your house whether it is your drawing room, your bedroom, living room etc. every room of your house needs to be creative, for that you need to come up with more creative ideas and what could be more creative than using a map pillow for your drawing room sofas, map pillow for your bedroom chair, map pillows for your study room. Map pillows ass more creativity to your interior décor.

map pillows

Reasons to choose map pillows

There are much reasons for considering a map pillow rather than traditionally designed pillows. Map pillows create a sense of nostalgia for the place you have visited, these are not just a beautiful piece of decoration but they have many memories printed on them. They are a source of warmth and sweetness for the travel lovers. The trick is to choose the right design which can be done by choosing the favorite design of maps. You can get multiple cities printed on your pillows to make it more creative and elegant. Choosing a designer for the traditional designs comes with a great hassle, choosing the right color matching with your rooms color scheme, then the texture, warmth, comfort, size; shape all can be very hectic for just a pillow. A well placed and designed pillow can add to the beauty of your room. With map pillows you just need to choose the right map and size of the pillow leave the rest of the work on modernmapart, they are there to help!

Beauty and comfort

If you are a geography student or some freak who loves to travel to new places and possess a soft corner for maps and collection of maps then you will definitely enjoy having one for your house. These pillows are very creatively designed and are made with 100% polyester; they are not just beautiful but also resistant to fingerprints and can also be enjoyed as bedroom pillows.

Types of map pillows

There are two different types of map pillows available at modern parts

  • Rectangular throw pillow; it can be used as a main pillow for your bed sheet or can also be used for the headboard of your bed. These can be placed on your drawing room or TV lounge sofas as well. Cities with large orientation will look more attractive on these pillows due to its large horizontal size and shape
  • Square throw pillows; Cities with more urban sprawl look best printed on these pillows. The size and shape of the square pillow make it more suitable for small chairs and sofas.

At modernmapart these pillows come up in different sizes and shapes. The other attractive part of these pillows is the affordable price which can be achieved in posters or wallpapers. Also, these pillows come up as the more convenient option as there will be no hassle in decorating or placing them, they also don’t have any depreciation cost attached to them.

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