5 Best Travel Apps for iPhone

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The life is busy and its the greediness for money that keeps everyone busy. From your busy schedule, you must get the time for your family. Since many people can’t do that while living normal life, therefore they go on a trip with their families to feel fresh and calm with them. Well, it’s indeed good way to enjoy a good time with your family, may be that’s the reason why tourists’ count is increasing as the time is passing. Packing your suitcase and getting ready for the trip is a tough task for many. With all the useful stuff, smartphone is very important to have with you during your travel. iPhone is necessary, to be specific. Any doubt the use of iPhone in travel? If this is so, then you might not have the knowledge of best travel apps that are available for iPhone. Do check out the list below.


If you regular checks the travel related stuff online, then you most probably might be aware of this awesome website named TripAdvisor. They have got their native iPhone app that must be there on the iPhone of every travel lover. With this app, you can check out the air fares and latest deals on them. Can read out more about any particular location and thus can decide that whether that particular place is good for you to visit or not.

Google Maps

Don’t like the native Maps service from Apple? Well, many don’t! The Google Maps is available for your esteemed iPhone that you can use to find the path to your destination. Google Mapping technology is the best so far that is trusted by many.

Google Translator

Another service by Google that is good for the people on trip. This app is highly important for those who are going to visit any location where the local guys speak different language than your native. This is a common thing to happen and your trip’s fun can get reduced to half, as you would not be able to communicate with other people due to language problems. Frustrating situation, but don’t let it be so! Use Google Translator and convert one non-understandable language into the one that you can understand.


Skype is best way to stay connected with your friends or family members while on the go. You can use this app to have text, video or voice chat with your loving beings. Skype has been the best and most popular service for video chatting, so far. You can have that top-notch service on your iPhone by downloading the iOS Skype app.

Currency Convertor

The currency in the location that you are going to visit, may be different. If it happens, then you will find yourself into a big trouble. But come out of that trouble by using this app on your iPhone. It keeps you updated with the up-to-date currency conversion rates.


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