4 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Smart Lock

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Your door locks are probably one of the most underrated if not often neglected aspect as far as home security is concerned. You use them every single day but for sure, you don’t really pay them much attention and the role they play in ensuring the security of your home and family. However, as locks become more and more modern and technologically advanced, people cannot help but to appreciate them better. Today, smart locks have become in demand and all for good reasons.

If you have plans to keep up with the trend and get a best smart lock for your home, there are some things you have to know to ensure a successful and worthwhile purchase.

Security Grade

Most homeowners don’t make the best out of their locks’ security grades since they have no idea that there is such a thing as security grading in their locks. Many lock manufacturers put their locks to test and they are given a rating or grading. The figures are meant to give general idea on the strength, security and durability of the lock.

As you go through the process of purchasing a new lock, it is a must that you pay extra attention to the rating and grading of the lock. This is going to help you figure out how long the lock is going to last and this will help you pick the right lock which can offer you maximum amount of security.


It is a must to determine if a lock is really capable before you get one. Take note that locks don’t come in uniformed sizes or shapes and this is the reason why homeowners also have to check the features of the potential locks they are considering. There are locks which come with built with tamper prevention. Some locks have anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump features to ensure better security of your home.

When you choose to buy a smart lock, you will be better off with one which will suit your lifestyle and can easily fit into your existing home automation plans. You have to check if the lock you choose is compatible with the rest of your smart technology and whether it is something you can control using your smartphone or smart home hub. You can also go for a smart lock with remote access features to let you control and monitor the actions of the smart lock even from remote locations.


The location where you will install the lock is another important aspect of the whole process. Unfortunately, there are many homeowners who don’t even consider it at all every time they plan to buy new locks. Locks will only be able to achieve their maximum potential if they are used the right way and their location plays a big factor in determining that. Locks used on exterior doors require higher security features and ratings. Meanwhile, interior locks often get by with only minimal levels of security. Aside from that, the kind of lock you will install on the front door is going to be very different from the lock you install on the rear sliding glass doors. It is a must to identify where you would like the new lock to be installed for you to get the right lock that best suits that specific location.


The process of installation will essentially give you a good clue whether you are getting the right smart lock for your home or not. Being familiar with the whole installation process is going to help you determine if you need to hire the help of a professional locksmith or if this is a job that you can do on your own.

But, this is not the sole reason why you have to be aware of how the smart lock will be installed. it is a must that this type of information is readily available before you buy a lock as you have to ensure that the process of installation will not require you to make changes to the existing hardware so that it will function properly. In case some changes have to be made, knowing more about the installation process for your new lock will help you come up with a good plan.

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