How to use hashtags on instagram to get more likes?

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Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms which allow one to share their cherished moments with family, friends and even random people. Social media scientist Dan Zarrella who has gone through over 1.5 million pictures from more than half a million Instagram users has confirmed the fact that more hashtags leads to more likes. It is common knowledge that the more hashtags you use; the more your level of engagement on Instagram.

Hashtags are the easiest way of categorizing your pictures on Instagram with relevant keywords. It is the hashtag which would allow other users to discover your photo which greatly increases the possibility of getting more likes. Therefore when you use a number of hashtags the likelihood of your pictures getting viewed and shared greatly increases. You can use multiple hashtags for every photo. For instance if you post a picture of a kitty, you can always use the hashtag #kitty, #cute, or even #pet. However social media experts suggest not posting such popular and literal hashtags since it would lead to your photo getting lost in the crowd. A good option is to use hashtags like #likeforlike. This way you are sure to get a few likes for your picture.

It is true that hashtags are the most effective way of reaching out to new people who are not acquainted with your Instagram feeds. However it needs to be kept in mind that the hashtags you are using need to be relevant to the post. Moreover making use of too many hashtags would give the impression that you are desperate for more likes. This is precisely why one should always try to use those hashtags which are always trending in Instagram. This would ensure that people who follow those hashtags can like your photos and engage with you whenever they sight them on their feed.

Let us now discuss some of the most trending hashtags on Instagram and how it can get your more Instagram likes:

#love: this one is used by more than 696 million users.

#instagood: This hashtag which has been used over 314 million times is a cool way of getting your pics liked.

#tbt: TBT refers to ‘throwback Thursday’ and this hashtag can be useful for people who are trying to figure out how to market on Instagram. Appearing on over 272 million photos this one would prompt users to post images from their childhood.

#cute: If you are posting baby pics or pictures of kitties of puppies then the #cute hashtag is sure to get you a lot of likes. Try being innovative and make use of other hashtags like #happiness, #adorable, #babies etc.

#followme: This hashtag is a direct attempt to get oneself more popular on Instagram. Used over 238 million times #followme can either lead you to more followers or make you appear desperate for attention.

#photooftheday: Appearing on more than 237 posts one should always reserve this one for their very special shots.

#tagforlikes: This is yet another trending hashtag which prompts other users to tag them in the posts so as to fetch more likes. Appearing more than 220 million time, you need to use it to find out if it works or not.


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