How To Be The Guy ALL Women Love

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We were traditionally taught by our parents, grandparents, teachers and well-meaning friends, television, basically everything surrounding us that the best way to get a woman is by treating her right, being attentive to all her needs, care for her, write sappy love poems for her, talking to politely, give her everything she wants, buy her flowers, buy her gifts, take her out for expensive dinners, compliment her, I could go on for DAYS on these…

Sad to say buddy, but that’s just a bunch of bullshit.

See, when you do all these, you’re just being plain PREDICTABLE. And anything which predictable is outright BORING to women. 99.99% of guys tend to make the mistake of acting overly nice, submissive, to women. They’ll be very conscious of the words they say and the things they do to keep on the ‘good side’ of her scoreboard, mainly because they’re afraid she might just pick up and leave if he said/did anything wrong to offend her. This is exactly against the tenants of The Girlfriend Activation System.

They’ll put up with arrogant, rude and bad behavior from them and will not hesitate to apologize to her, basically ANYTHING just to make her happy. In fact, even when they KNOW they’ve been taken advantage off, they’ll still suck it all in with the dreamy “hope” that one day she’ll just give in and sleep with him.


That’s just sooo, soooosad, isn’t it?.

Here’s a crash course for being the guy women are looking for. Take everything I’ve just mentioned above and turn it ALL around when you’re with women. Yes! You heard me right. Do the exact OPPOSITE of everything you’ve been traditionally taught about dating women.

Forget those wimpy compliments. Stop buying her stuff.
Stop it you freak!!

You’ve got to enter into a set by showing her you’re a man with your own set of STANDARDS when it comes to women; if she’s being arrogant, challenge her by telling her you won’t put up with that bratty lil’ attitude, be willing to walk away from women you feel are not up to your standards, CHALLENGE her by busting on her, CHALLENGE her by calling her quirky nicknames, stop hold anything back, let your energy flow, let your PERSONALITY flow…

Always remember… you’re not there to kiss her ass, you’re there to have FUN… with or WITHOUT her, you’re a person of higher social status, a guy people recognize, respect and look up to, you’re never seeking her approval for anything you say or do, you’re comfortable with yourself and the people around you; simply put, you’re just basically not OUTCOME RELIANT. This is one of the main tenants of The Girlfriend Activation Program by The Social Man, if you’re serious about improving this part of your life, you should really check out the review linked there. The Girlfriend Activation Program focuses very solely on attraction and seduction, it comes highly recommended.You’ll be learning specific techniques on how this is all done as we go along.


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