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The Required Information

Have you ever seen database management system. Well lot of you reading this article don’t know what is Database management system. So  let me put some light on it before going in detail discussion on SAP HANA.

Database Management System

A DBMS is a software that creates and manages the databases. Now the  database management systems are all about how to create the database, how to retrieve the data from the database and how to update the database that has been created. Then Sometimes that database needs to delete that can also be done with a database system. While we are talking about creating databases and these are directly technical terms it should be very clear to you that databases could be of any type, for example, you are using the. The database system of car management system now car management system means that when the last time car was service when the last time car went to the workshop and when was the last time car radiator was filled with the new lubricant these all fit in the car management system. While this is only the top lay for the system. Now since it has been clear what are database management system are we can move forward to the SAP HANA and SAP HANA Training.

What is SAP HANA

Considered SAP HANA an artificial memory. Now this memory is stored in the database system. While the memory is stored in the database system it is only stored as column wise yes that means the memory is only stored in the column, not in the rows. While the memory is stored in the column it is marketed by the SAP SE. Now let’s talk about the primary function of the database server. For a database server is to keep data safe until the defined time by the user. As we talk about the user there are different and many kinds of the database users out there that can access and cannot access the data from the database server. While we are talking about the SAP HANA its data is only accessed when it is required by the user itself. When the data is needed by the user it performs all kind of text analytics for the data search about the data that has been searched by the user itself. Predictive analysis of the texts given for the data search by users is also done to find the relative and required data. Now let’s talk about the SAP HANA Training the training is to let others know the power of the-the data search in real time. The training as usual trains the user to provide the real-time search on the database and servers. So this enables the researchers or the users to get the full potential from their tool to get the required information to want to get. SAP HANA training teaches us many things like data loading creating models and reports from that data loading.



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