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Getting approvals for property loans is a hectic task. Often, individuals fail to get the approvals due to the inadequate papers and documents. But, now, investment loans can be approved easily without the need of your income proof. Isn’t this amazing?

Are you looking for an investment property loan? The new Investor Loan Program has some real good news for you. Whether you are a self employed individual or a retired senior citizen, you have the opportunity to borrow as huge amount as up to three million dollars for investing in property purchases and refinancing. Isn’t that a huge amount of loan?

investment property loan

Is this Legit?

The icing on the cake is that you don’t have to give any proof of your income and tax returns to get your investment property loan approved. What can be better. It might appear initially, that this is a scam or a false news, but if you verify the information, you will be definitely surprised to know that this is the reality and it has brought smiles on the faces on millions of real estate investors.

What are the essential requirements that are mandatory?

There are certain conditions applied in order to get the loan for investment property without any proof of your income or tax returns. Let us have a look at them.

  • You have to make a minimum of 30% down payment for the property purchase. Out of the 30%, 10% can be gift funds from family and friends.
  • The FICO score needs to be minimum of 600 or more in order to get the investment property loan
  • There should be 30% equity for refinancing, including the appraisals.
  • Furthermore, the refinance or the purchase property must be non-owner inhabited with some exceptions with second homes.
  • A minimum loan of $125,000 will be approved and the maximum can rise up to $3 million.

There is a solution to your delayed loan approvals

The entire process of the investment property loans can be time consuming. It will require approvals over several phone calls and the funding is usually made within the 30 days from the application date. It is definitely a daunting task to engage with your busy schedule. But there is a solution to it and the whole process of loan application can be made really easy and simple. is the ultimate answer to all your problems related to the investment properties loans. Unlike the conventional property loans, you will not be required to submit your tax returns and income proof. In fact, the whole approval process of the loan is made easy and very quick from

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