Build Muscle Fast With The Ben Pakulski MI40X Muscle Program

Ben Pakulski MI40X
Many people have tried different plans and programs in a bid build muscle but almost never get the desired results. This can be particularly frustrating especially when you seem to have exhausted all possible means and programs.

This is unfortunate but however not strange and Ben Pakulski, a famous bodybuilder, was able to identify the common reasons for this failure and subsequently designed a program he named MI40X, or Mass Intelligence 40.

Ben Pakulski identified 5 common mistakes made by newbie or beginner bodybuilders and athletes.

The mistakes include obsession with lifting heavy weights, having the belief that your body parts are genetically weak, indecisiveness as regards the right number of sets, inability to stimulate maximal response of hormone testosterone, and adding more fat than muscle as a result of an unhealthy diet habit.

After considering the mistakes mentioned above, Ben designed the MI40X muscle building program, a product that helps people that want to build muscles effectively in a short period of time.

Comprising of different shortcuts to muscle building, the product significantly reduces the number of hours that would have ordinarily been spent trying to get lean and build muscles.

The MI40X is effective as it employs the NOS ™ & Intent mechanism that means Neurological Overload Sets, helping with massive Muscle building and particularly great for overcoming plateaus.

The number 40 has been discovered to be the right amount of time for practically all the variables of muscle-building to yield the desired results.

The components of MI40X Foundation are the MASS Intelligence Training Manual, MASS Consumption Nutrition Manual, MASS Instruction Workout Videos, Proportions Exercise Execution Guide, MASS Prescription Printable Workout Sheets, MASS Pursuit Calendar, Supplement Stack Protocol, and Size Secrets Audio Interrogation. The different components are designed to follow the 40-day rules.

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Ben Pakulski is a Canadian IFBB pro bodybuilder with over 10 years of experience.

He has competed at the Arnold classics and many other prestigious bodybuilding tournaments.

He made a special guest appearance at the Arnolds this year and streamed the event live.

Ben Pakulski’s experiences in the bodybuilding world is what inspired him to create the highly rated MI40X Muscle building program.

Ben Pakulski also has an expansive youtube channel with well over 140,000 youtube subscribers.

He is also a regular contributor to several elite Bodybuilding magazines online and media outlets.

Ben is also widely credited with having some of the greatest Muscle legs in the industry.

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