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If you are getting a divorce and the agreement does involves your children as a part of it then you must have to determine it quickly that who and where the child would live. A child custody attorney will surely guide you in this regard and help you in negotiating the custody. It will totally depend on the child parents that you want to settle the custody by agreement or in the court. Pintar Albiston Attorneys will help you in the serious matter of child custody because when children are involved in divorce, it becomes the most different issue.

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Legal right

The custodial parent has the legal right to make the decision for the child. He/she can legally with the consent of law decide the better welfare, education and the lifestyle of the child. The joint custody is mostly preferred by the parents so that the children will be able to divide their time and between the parents equally. In this way, parents will have equally right to share the decisions for their child. If parents are unable to decide the custody of the child, then with proofs and the better custodial judge will decide it.

Need help in detention matter

If you need help in custodian case, then you have come to the right place. If you are getting divorced or unmarried parent custody, then Pintar Albiston Attorneys will resolve the physical custody issue regarding your child. We will assist with any matter and even the visitation custody with parenting agreements. We also schedule the visitation of grandparents and parents, which parent rights must be terminated and any modifications in the custody. We understand the divorce matter and issue are very wrenching for the child and families, so our experienced and skill full attorneys provide workable solutions which enable our clients to have a healthy, safe and secure future ahead,

Child support

Las Vegas law provides a child support to the custodial parent until the child complete high school. The support amount will be fixed by the court judge and will be based on proper guidelines. Raising children is a very expensive process, and both parents have to contribute the appropriate medical care, housing, educational opportunities, food to their child. Following child support will be granted to the custodial parent:-

  • The necessary cost of child care
  • The health insurance will be covered
  • The requirements of education will be fulfilled
  • The services which are contributed by the parents
  • Parent’s income difference
  • Legal duty of parents to support others financially
  • The public assistance amount paid to the children

The experienced attorneys will ensure you to provide the best available offers for your case.


To provide your child a better and safe future, just begin your process from Pintar Albiston Attorney. We ensure to provide a brighter future for yourself and your child also. Feel free to get the assistance in your matter and to get the best child custody attorney in Las Vegas. Cal us for free consideration.

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