5 Simple Wedding Centerpieces on a Budget

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If you are on a tight budget for your upcoming wedding, then chances are you’re leaving no stone unturned to find different ways to save money. Being forced into making tough budget cuts from your wedding can be a heartbreaking ordeal, so knowing the least painful place to start is always very helpful. By and large, most people agree that your table centerpieces are the best way to rack up some serious savings from your wedding budget because there are numerous options available and you can choose whatever you want to fit the style of your wedding. Here are 5 simple wedding centerpieces that will keep your budget in check while still looking amazing.

alternative to real flowers

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are an incredibly cheap alternative to real flowers and will give your centerpieces a distinct look. There’s really no compromise with this choice on quality, plus they are by far the cheapest option since you’ll be making them yourself. However, this process can be quite time consuming so you should definitely consider enlisting some friends to help or setting aside ample time to do them each yourself.

Wooden Flowers

Wooden flowers are the middle ground between real and paper flowers, and the quality will tell the story. Wooden flowers look real but they will last forever and cost only a fraction of the price of real flowers. That means your guests can have a nice souvenir and you can also cut money from your wedding budget; plus they make for simple centerpiece construction.


Who doesn’t love candy; so why not make your centerpieces from classic sweets? You can choose candy coated chocolate pieces, wrapped hard candies, or even sticks of licorice to create a delicious wedding centerpiece that your guests will love and will cost you next nothing.


This is another fun centerpiece idea that will actually get your guests involved more in the event. Create a “bouquet” of some sparklers to use at your wedding reception and place them in a vase in the center of each table with a few other decorative items. Then put a little card at the base letting everyone know what to do with their sparklers and you can make your wedding much more fun on a budget.

Edible Flowers

Similar to the candy, you can create edible “flowers” to give your guests something to snack on. It can be something simple like sticking a strawberry on the end of a piece of licorice to simulate a flower or something as complex as pineapple sculptures. Whatever you choose, your guests will certainly love eating their centerpieces!

Though most people think of flowers when they picture a wedding centerpiece in their head, as you can see from the examples above there are plenty of other great options. I personally find that choosing something your guests can either use or eat are the best choices, but there really isn’t a bad option out there. As long as your centerpieces are unique and enhance the rest of your wedding theme, they will look fantastic on your tables and become a memorable part of your celebration.

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