Skin Tags Removal Guide

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Skin tags are medically harmless but are very common soft and small skin outgrowths. Obese people and middle aged people are more likely to get skin tags. Some skin tags fall off spontaneously but some need major treatment. Medical name given to skin tag is “acrochordon”. They occur mostly in two areas i.e armpits and neck. These are basically a type of tumor but are totally harmless and completely benign but when they become annoying they need to get removed immediately.  So here is a complete guide for how to get rid of  skin tags.

skin tags removal guide

How are skin tags treated?

Usually the best idea is not to treat skin tags because they are harmless and not bothersome. But if they turn out to be bothersome then there are few medical and home remedies that you need to know.

  • Medical Treatment

Medical treatment of skin tags involves various techniques like removing it with scissors, by cauterizing them or by freezing them.

While Removing with scissors, the doctors numb the affected area by giving local anesthesia. They will severe them at the base and will remove it with scissors.

While Cauterizing the skin tags, doctors will use electric current to burn the skin tag and will remove it. It does not leave any mark on the skin.

And while Freezing the skin tags, doctors simply apply liquid nitrogen on the affected area that freezes away the skin tag and after few weeks they’ll fall away.

  • Home Remedies

There are also several ways of self-treating skin tags like removing it by dental floss, applying various oils, juices and even alcohol on it. Even duct tapes and bandages are also there for the removal of skin tags.

Removal by dental floss means that you tie up floss around the skin tag and keep pulling it a little on daily basis and eventually it will get shrink and will fall away.

Applying various oils includes oils like tea tree oil, oregano oil, coconut oil and etc. You first need to wash the affected area and then dry it. After that soak a cotton ball in water and put 3 to 4 drops of tea tree oil on it and then massage it on the affected area thrice a day. For oregano oil, you need carrier oil as it causes redness on skin when applied only. So take coconut oil as carrier oil and mix six drop of it with two drops of oregano oil and apply it on the affected area thrice a day.

Applying juices includes application of various juices like pineapple juice, dandelion stem juice, lemon juice, fig stem juice and etc. make the skin tag fall down within few weeks. Application of alcohol and apple cider vinegar also helps removing skin tags.

Duct tapes and bandages are used basically to stop the blood flow to the skin tags which eventually makes them loose and fall off within few weeks.

Till now there is no medical proof of skin tags growing again after the removal and neither of them spreading from one person to another. So you need to act upon on this skin tags removal guide and you will get back your beautiful skin soon.

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