Interesting Facts that we never knew about Guitars

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Music is like a relationship between sound and silence, a language that everyone understands and can relate to. There is a wide spectrum of instruments that help in creating music, but the guitar is one of the most commonly used instruments in today’s world. Although, we know how it looks like & how it sounds, but there are many things from the past that we don’t know about guitars.The guitar is like a central instrument in the vast majority of music. It is capable of accompanying vocals as well as self-harmonizing. This stringed instrument has been used in various styles of music. For example in 1920’s Hawaiian melody, the guitar was played with a metal slide to magnify the noise which was completely melody based. In this era, guitar players were seeking for a greater sounding guitar which led them in innovating the electric guitar.


It was the point in the early 1930s, George Beauchamp, a Hawaiian guitar performer & Adolph Rickenbacker came together with an innovative plan of manufacturing an electric guitar with the help of an electromagnetic device called Pickup. The electromagnetic pickup converts the vibration of its steel strings into electronic signals. The electric guitar is one of the very few musical instruments that has experienced such an impact on the evolution of music since the beginning of the 20th century. The first commercially viable electric guitar was called as Frying Pan, an electric lap steel guitar which then commonly used in Hawaiian style of music.

In 1950s, Gibson started put out the Les Paul, a hard bodied, dual-hum bucker guitar. Post the release of the Les Paul electric guitar, Gibson became the major guitar producer in the world. They started building a variety of models and guitars than any additional guitar manufacturing company.The Les Paul quickly grew into a family of four models-the Junior, Special, Standard and Custom and all of these models became Gibson classics.With the endowment of designers and engineers, the part of the electric guitar has changed and Gibson has become an sign of rock.

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