How can you secure your privacy

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Everyone has something that he/she wants to keep private. But keeping things private and secure is a difficult task. Although there are so many software’s which are available to secure the data you want but still they are not that good. People don’t feel safe to hide data in some way or use some software to secure the data as it can be outreached. They want something through which they can feel safe. They don’t want to stay worried about their important data files to share with someone, or to be stolen or deleted or destroyed in some way.

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Have a Secured Box

If you want to keep your files safe and private, you can use a secured box. This is a device which is specially made to cover the privacy needs of today’s world. People secure their businesses by using secured boxes. It is a device which provides multiple service at one place. Now there is no need to worry for security or privacy as this device is here. It is an advanced security unit which covers all the security needs.

Encrypted data storage

If you use this device, no one can steal, destroy or share your data. This device secures every file in the box with 2048-bit key encryption. It allows you to secure your files in an encrypted drive. No one else can decrypt the files other than you and your device. You allow the box with whom you want to share the files. A full private system is established which respects the privacy and allow your people to work together. You have full control over the device. Your data is stored on a hard drive on the box. You can use the data as a private cloud. It only provides such services to you for your data. Using this device, you stay aware about who uploads or downloads the files. Proper encrypted backup is also stored in the box so that you can go back and get the required files. It has such an innovative system that if anyone steals your box, no one can steal or have access to your data unless you decode the system with your personal access key.

Secure File-Dropping

This device provides multiple services. If you want to share any file with your client or vice versa, then you can use a protected and safe website for secure transfer of your files to your Box. All the files in the encrypted derive are totally secured and private cloud is established. Files are only visible in the client folder in the secured box.

Secure Videoconferencing

It provides its users the service to enjoy secured video calling option privately. You just need to know the email addresses of the people you want to talk. It sends a link which allows the access to private conference room where you can talk and fee secure. Most of the people who are running huge businesses are using the secured private cloud box to share the business strategies and other important informations.

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