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PureVPN is a Hong Kong-based VPN supplier that is one of the primary suppliers offering VPN organization prepared for giving online security against data sniffers. They moreover speak to extensive power in unblocking geographically constrained substance and organizations.


The association started its operation in 2007. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, the association has formed into one of the greatest suppliers in the VPN business. It reliably wears down utilizing server territories, server base, data encryption instruments, great programming, customer support, and portion methodologies. You can discover them at:

In this PureVPN study, we checked the most basic components of their VPN organizations. We will take a gander at their esteeming, customer reinforce, logs and security and specific points. On the particular side, we will look at the speed and execution, IP area and VPN servers.

Assessing and Packages

PureVPN offers one package that comes in three assessing decisions. You can get their VPN organization for 1 month, 6 months, or 1-year enrollment. You will get a growing PureVPN discount rate in case you consent to longer times of participation. The pack highlights 5 multi logins, vast data trade, more than 450 servers, more than 77,000 IPs and unfathomable server switches. It also joins a free SmartDNS.

As said, the pack comes in three expenses. For a month to month participation, it costs $9.95. The expense of the 6-month course of action is $44.95, or that is $7.49 consistently. The 12-month course of action expenses $49.95, or that is $4.16 consistently. Watch that more augmented game plans are charged every 6 and 12 months.

You can moreover use their trial account, which cost $2.50 so to speak. You need to contact their consideration gathering and interest for a trial account. In like manner, you have to watch that the trial record is non-refundable.

Furthermore, HelloVPN’sPureVPN Review offers a 3-day money back surety to their customers. You can use these 3 days to test their organizations and assurance that you are satisfied using their organizations. All together for a rebate, you require used under 500MB of data. This is unmistakably communicated in their rebate course of action.

Portion Options

When you are set up to an advantage of Pure VPN organizations, you can shop straight from their site and check out. You can pay your solicitation in various conduct.

PureVPN recognizes noteworthy charge cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Diners Club, JCB and that is just the tip of the chunk of ice. They moreover recognize PayPal as a portion elective.

When you are using a middle person or another VPN in the midst of sign up, PureVPN will invite you to debilitate your VPN or delegate with a particular finished objective to keep on checkout. This is for affirmation process. In case you don’t wish to do it, they offer other portion decisions, which we supported.

They recognize Bitcoin, which we know is the most secure way to deal with select in light of the fact that you can do it anonymously. Also, they recognize Payment Wall, for instance, AliPay, CashU, Giropay, Mercado Pago, Card Wallet and some more.

PureVPN coupon can in like manner be used for paying for your pack. In any case, the larger part of these coupons are regarded in the midst of reviving of participation.

Rate and Performance

We drove our average pace tests using our broadband affiliation. The at first speed test was driven without PureVPN affiliation. The result exhibited 9.63Mbps download speed, 3.43Mbps exchange speed, and 36ms ping. This is benchmark result under 15Mbps, which is standard for this range.

We attempted the VPN affiliation using London server using PPTP affiliation. Using the London server, we got a rate test outcome of 8.76Mbps download, 0.96Mbps exchange, and 44ms ping. The pace was tasteful, so we tried using the L2TP affiliation.

Using L2TP, the speed test results revealed 8.33Mbps download speed, 0.79Mbps exchange speed and 76ms ping. As ought to be self-evident, the pace drops when this affiliation. This result may be fairly direct anyway it is still commendable for regular use.

At last, we attempted the L2TP affiliation whilst connected with a US server. The pace test result showed 6.23Mbps download speed, 0.23Mbps exchange speed, and 75ms ping. Again, this is to some degree moderate because of the division from the server, yet in the meantime a commendable pace.

In like manner, we checked for DNS spills. PureVPN is flawless from any DNS spills. We played out a couple DNS spills watches out for a couple of illustrations and found none.

Customer Support

PureVPN offers instructional activities for the foundation, and what’s more exploring strides. Their site is honest to goodness sorted out with the objective that you won’t have issues investigating through various associations. Their FAQ region contains strong information that even the people who are new to using VPNs won’t encounter trouble by any methods.

In case you wish to reach them particularly, you can do it using their ticket system or their visit support. We had a go at making a request using their ticket structure. They are a point of fact throughout the day, consistently since we got a response in less than an hour. The response was quick and in addition to a great degree enlightening.

We moreover made the vital request to their visit support. Their visit support was to a great degree quick, informative and instinctive.

Logs and Privacy

In the insurance technique of PureVPN, it is clearly communicated that they will never release any information about the record use of the customer unless they are required by law-execution associations. This is not an issue to the people who use VPN for authentic reasons.

You have to review that this VPN supplier does not give a “zero is logging” organization. For no good reason that you slant toward a totally secretive supplier, you need to find another supplier.

Supported Protocols

PureVPN supports PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN affiliation. The affiliations come standard with 256-piece encryption in transmitting your data. Strong encryptions require a long time of unscrambling or hard to translate by any methods.

Reinforced Devices and Operating Systems

PureVPN is focused on securing the insurance of its customer’s overall contraptions. You can use the VPN programming on:

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