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The game NBA 2K16 is developed by visual concepts. It is the simulation of video game and it imitates the experience of national basket association. There are various game modes i.e. myTeam, myCareer and standard games. There are real or created players that can play the game. The basketball game is top rated and at its high peaks. Game developers worked at full body scans of its players i.e. Brooklyn nets & Miami heat.  The game is having extremely better graphics and high improvement version than last one. The game contains newest attributes of i.e. Brooks, D. Rose, K. Bryant, O. Russell, P. George, M. Ellis and J. Dudley players. This is the fastest-selling game series that shipped over 4 million of its copies during the first week of its release.

NBA 2K16 Locker code


This is the true classic sports game that is highly improved over game mode front & game play. There are multiple game modes as mentioned earlier. MyCareer is a campaign driven from a story. The story centers on a basketball player who enters NBA after college life. Players have to create their own game player as desired depending upon the filling of required information. This information is about weight, position, height, name and the background information. Players further information is customized as desired. Players in this game follow the great story of the basketball player to achieve the peaks of success. Unique cut scene and stories are used in this version of a game. The player in the game usually does actions on the court and off the court, hence draws the attention and makes a way to superstardom.

Players who play basketball games in NBA are usually interacted with other players. This interaction causes friendship, rivalry, fans, negotiable contracts, up gradation of player capacity, abilities, practice in gym and customization of player’s skill set. MyCourt is the players’ central hub that is a practice arena for the player. Players can also scan their faces into NBA games. This feature makes it more rated.

NBA 2K16 Locker Codes:

Some cheat generators or locker codes are also generated by the game. Using locker code is very easy and simple. NBA 2K16 locker code generator gives a code whenever you use it. Simply select your code and then select the console and then the denomination of the code, copying the code and redeeming it will result from code generators.

Proxy system is also attached to it, this feature helps using the same IP over many times in a day. It is a smart way and yields better performance. NBA 2K16 locker code websites are available that help gamers to retrieve the cheats for Xbox one, Xbox 360, PS3 and 4. Locker code bonuses are also available that are for gamers who access the NBA superstars like Larry Bird, Karl Malone, and Shaquille O’ Neal.

NBA 2K16 is always a refined technical masterpiece that rewards veterans alike and rookies in such a showcase that belongs to one hall of fame i.e. the basketball. It is the best selling year game.

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