All About The Risks Involved With Weed

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Is cannabis dangerous for you?

Over the years there has been a lot of controversies about the effects of weed or cannabis. The main controversy was the fact that was cannabis beneficial for some physically challenged people or not. Regardless of that, one thing is for sure; it’s effects are ruinous for those people that abuse the particular drug. People who have come into contact with such people are aware of the problems that can arise.

Till date, there is no proof of the fact that the use of cannabis leads the person to consume a stronger drug. However, commonly, cannabis is one of the three drugs that people use first, the other two being alcohol and tobacco.


Effects of weed:

There are a number of harmful effects associated with the use of cannabis and it not only effect the person consuming the drug but it also effects the people around the person. Some of these effects, however, include the loss of interest in a person’s life, health, friends, goals and activities in school. The most dangerous effect is the fact that the use of the drug creates a reduced awareness. This lowered awareness usually prevents the person taking the drug from seeing the impairment he or she is in.

Because of the effect of the drug, students will start to fail at school and employees will not pay heed to their job. Sober and old friends can easily be replaced by drug abusing friends. But, since there is no awareness of the drug, the person will continue to abuse the drugs despite of all the harm being done to the person’s physical and mental health.

Effects of cannabis on health:

The use of cannabis has actually sent more people to the emergency rooms as compared to the other drugs. This is mostly because of the harmful effect the drug has on the health of the person. Some of the damages that the drug causes are increased potency and effects on the mind.

The most distinctive effect that the drug causes is that life passes by the person. This means that the drug makes the people lose motivation. Many students start to care less about their studies usually because their thinking is impaired and making sense of things becomes difficult for them and learning things becomes a struggle.

The long term use of this drug is also associated with a particular condition. The condition includes the loss of ambition, apathy, lack of the ability to concentrate on things and judgement impairment. Furthermore, there is a high chance that the condition is accompanied by confusion which can also lead to panic attacks.

Cannabis ruins lives!

Withdrawing from a drug is a hard task and entails with it a number of effects. The patient will be depressed, irritable and will have sleeping problems apart from craving the drug. However, chronic use of the drug completely destroys the life of a person. It also creates problems for the other family members.

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