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A new marketing strategy, called the explainer video, has emerged in the world and is working really great in the marketing sector. From marketing, to animation and any kind of requirement, these explainer videos now even give an option to be customized as and how the customers require. These videos are very economic as they save a lot of money as compared to the live action videos where there various expenses like the crew, infrastructure and so on.

Businesses have started adopting these videos to market their services mainly because these videos are too economic and a lot of features can be incorporated in these videos. In the business world, explainer videos serve as excellent tools and have a lot of benefits.

Connect with the Audience: Firstly, when the product is marketed using an explainer video, the video is made in a way that attracts a large portion of the public and markets the products and services manifesting the best possible features of the respective commodities that are being marketed. Next, these videos are the best way to explain the purpose of a product to the audience. Earlier when a reading material was used for marketing, there were chances that the text can be interpreted in many ways. But when the same thing is explained to the public through the video, the objective is interpreted by the public as intended. These videos attract the audience at one glance and create great interest among the viewers about the service that is being marketed.

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Increase Google Ranking: Also, considering the statistics of Google search, the websites having explainer videos for marketing a particular product are ranked well than those that go on pages together with nothing attractive. Therefore, the ones ranked better will obviously be watched more and hence the product will be better sold. Also, when these videos are watched more by the public, they tend to go “viral” and pop up on some random page while surfing through the internet and further are watched by a lot of people.

Information Retention: In addition, when people watch the video, they tend to retain more information about the features of a particular product than merely reading or listening to it monotonously. In these videos, the features and benefits of the products are visualized in a way as to entertain the viewers and increase their interest in the product. But too much focus on the visuals, can make the video too flashy and unrealistic.

Social Sharing: Another benefit of explainer videos for businesses is that these videos can easily be shared in sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and so on and therefore, can be widely distributed among these sites for more people to access. These videos leave such an impact on the public that, if the same company releases another product, the customers would eventually get interested in the product.

In sum, these several benefits of animated video production in the business world make the businesses invest in such videos for their marketing because of its economy and efficiency.

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