Why celebrities prefer Twitter over Facebook

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Twitter has been popular among celebrities, more than Facebook or any other social media platform. It might make you think for a while, if you are then let’s not forget to go through some to be noted factors for why is it so Or how it became more manageable and productive for celebrities all over? Here are few factors that makes Twittera celebrity-friendly social network:

To make content viral is quick and easy

The tweeps or tweeple can spread out the content on a quicker pace than Facebook.  Despite of Facebook offering enormous reach, yet twitter wins the race in terms of getting the content viral within few seconds or minutes. Celebrities find it much more convenient and effective to interact with their followers as well. Not only makes their presence prominent on the network but turn out to become trending topics in a short span of time.

No restriction in relation to Facebook

Facebook doesn’t allow unlimited friends’ list to its users. Whereas, Twitter hasn’t set any limit of followers as yet. Hence, its make Twitter an obvious choice to go with over Facebook. No celebrity would like to restrict their reach when they can get magnanimous volume of response and engagement from the community worldwide. Also buying Twitter Followers has become an easy task with Socioblend.

Expedient features for all

Irrespective of being a celebrity or not, a user has access to all tweets, options like Re-tweet and Favorite are at their disposal all the time. Mostly, celebrities don’t use or prefer privacy option as it restricts the reach. While Facebook doesn’t offer that much of liberty to its users, rather Facebook allows up to 5000 friends on the list also, the pages are more exposed to spam.

Easier to establish connection

Whether it’s a politician, film celebrity or any other popular personality its always easier for any tweeple to communicate through tweets, as they get an individual notification for the mention from either a follower or a user. Whereas, in Facebook these notifications getsubmerged under so many comments that a celebrity might be receiving. Plus, the audience base of Twitter is way more intellectual, which is evident in twitter chats as well.

Press feels assured to quote tweets

The reason why the traditional media prefers to quote ‘tweets of the celebrities’ is due to the fact that tweets posted cannot be further edited or modified unless deleted, therefore, Press chooses tweets by celebrities to quote over Facebook status.

Twitter in a way negates almost all the restrictions as a medium or channel while establishing connections among its audience. To communicate with selective interest groups, twitter offers twitter chats and can get things done straight for you instantly. What else does a celebrity require in order to get unrestricted engagements?

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