Calories in a banana: The banana peels

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Bananas are taken as among the best sources of instant energy. However, many people are afraid of the calories in a banana. It is clear that the bananas help a person in losing weight and it is of no debate that the bananas are having a number of nutrients in it and are highly helpful for a person in terms of health. However, one thing people mostly take into their consideration is the peel of banana. In few areas, it is a common perception that the peel of bananas is poisonous to some extent and can harm a person. But according to the science, this perception is wrong. In fact, the peel of bananas is highly healthy and supplies the person consuming it with a number of health benefits.

calories in a banana

Benefits of consuming banana peels

The banana peels come with a lot of nutrients packed in it. As you consider banana for health, the peel of banana is also as good as the banana itself. Although the eating of banana peels is not common in west, it is eaten by a number of people all across the globe. There is high amount of vitamin in it. Particularly, when doctors ask people to consume Vitamin B6 and B12, you can consider eating the banana peels. On the other hand, the potassium and magnesium, which are among the necessary for a person to keep his body functioning properly, are present in banana peels in high amount.

This is not it; there are few other things present in the banana peels as well. These include the fiber and protein to some extent as well. So you can consider it as something that boosts your immune system and help you in having a proper digestion system as well.

Eating banana peels

After reading all these, you might be thinking of eating the banana peels next time along with the banana. However, there are few things that you need to keep your eye at before you are about to do it. First of all, you must wash the banana peel properly before you are about to consume it. There are plenty of pesticides that are sprayed in banana grooves. So if you are not washing the peel carefully, you may come under the effect of those pesticides and might start thinking about the peels of bananas as poisonous as well.

Although people may eat the peels in raw manner, mostly people cook these, boil these or fry these to some extent. While you are eating these, you will not be able to enjoy the sweet taste of bananas. One thing to note here is that the peels of ripe bananas will be sweeter as compared to the peel of unripe bananas.

As far as the calories in a banana peel are concerned, these are not many so you can consume it without any fear. The amount of calories in a banana peels depends on the size of peel, the type of peel etc.

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