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Have you ever thought of buying your child a mini motorcycle also known as a mini moto scrambler?  Gone are the days when motorcycles were linked to mature adults as riders. Nowadays, your child or teenager can as well enjoy the same experience and thrill on a mini moto scrambler.  Now all you need is the knowledge to be able to pick a great one as a gift to them.

A bit about mini motos

Mini motorcycles (mini motos) are a definite hit with children and teenagers at the moment. They are smaller versions of a motorcycle and are designed for younger users. They are usually petrol driven and come as either scooter or motorcycle styles. Around sixty miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) is usually the top speed for these bikes which include mini quad bikes, motorized petrol scooters, go-peds, pocket rocket scrambler bikes.

Why are mini moto scramblers a popular gift?

Like many other prospective shoppers or parents you must have asked yourself why you should buy a mini moto, motorised scooter or motorcycle for your son, daughter, nephew, niece or any other person. What makes this item ideal for them?


You may remember when you were young how there used to be hype surrounding certain items at school. Depending on your age this may have been Pokemon cards, Yoyos, or owning a PlayStation! An undeniable aspect is that mini motos, quad bikes, motorised petrol scooters and related objects are quite popular in the market now. Many child dream of owning and ride one sooner –rather-than-later.  The excitement of getting something like this for their birthday or Christmas can be extremely high. The great thing about mini motos is that they can be designed for any kind of user whether inexperienced or experienced.

Wide Choice

Children just like adults have unique wants and preferences. Some prefer a go-ped, others wish for petrol scooters, while others are okay with a pocket rocket scrambler. Mini motos are available in a wide range and are suitable for different ages as well as applications. By simply understanding your child’s wishes, you will be able to find type that is most suitable.


Mini motorcycles are not your ordinary toys and are designed to cater for a variety of needs and applications. The bike can be used on smooth surfaces such as tarmac (asphalt), sidewalks, or parking lot. It is also suitable for the rough and rugged terrain which includes the uncut bush, hilly surfaces, rocky terrains, grassland and more. Thanks to its study design and construction, the motorised bike can withstand regular use and rough handling.


The whole idea of coming up with a mini moto was to give young users the same experience as adults. Sprinting fast, skidding through dusty environments, and also enjoying the competitive aspect. Nonetheless, their bikes need to be much safer due to their age and experience. Mini scooters or motorcycles come with a number of safety features. These include safety cut-out that instantly stops the bike in case the rider is ejected, fully enclosed chain, independent front and rear disk brakes and more.

Mini motorized scooters and motorcycles are without-a-doubt among a good choice when it comes to buying an exciting gift. They are versatile, come in a wide range, and take a fun experience, a notch higher. Nonetheless, they are not all built the same way. The only way you are guaranteed of a good product is dealing with a reputable firm such as Gift & Gadget Warehouse. The company has a good reputation, and stocks a very wide variety. Visiting their website offers more information on how to pick the best mini moto scrambler, motorized petrol scooters, and related accessories too.


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