Design a Good Flyer and Door Hanger in a Distribution Campaign

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You should be very certain that your flyer is well designed so that you can catch the attention of the prospective customer. It’s true that flyers, door hanger may help bring in business if designed well. With the downturn, people are hesitant to spend money in advertising their business. They don’t need to choose expensive propositions such as radio and TV advertisements. For small scale companies, it is reasonable to use flyers to spread the word about without spending too much cash. There are many characteristics of the flyer such as size, color, form and wording. You have to look after all these so that anybody who receives the flyer loves to look at it and is affected by it.


The size of this flyer can be quite small or of poster size in flyer distribution campaign. Based upon your budget and your purpose, you can choose the size of this flyer. If you wish to advertise something with a great deal of graphics, you want the poster size. The sizes can differ from A3 to A7. You can use a great deal of bright colors to portray the artist.

Color and Shape

The objective of the flyer distribution campaign will decide the color and form of the flyer. If you are referring to a service such as computer repair, you should use subtle colors like light gray, light blue and such a color which will look acceptable. But if you would like to chat about a new offer for children on your restaurant, you can use all of the reds and yellows that you would like. The flyer should attract the people and he must wish to read it. If you use bright colors for marketing services and products that don’t require it, it may seem flashy and the customer may not be impressed.


This is one of the main elements of a flyer distribution campaign. You need to follow the AIDA formula when you have to attract attention, create interest in the item, instill desire in the purchaser’s mind to buy the product and finally incorporate a call-to-action for the purchaser to purchase it. The flyer needs to have a excellent headline, followed by a listing of advantages. You have to say how your products or services differs from the others. The customer ought to be influenced enough to consider trying out your product.

If you think about all these facets of a flyer, you can make a successful flyer distribution effort. Your company will flourish and you can gradually increase the scale of your company and campaign.

Top Five Reasons to Use Door Hangers Printing for Your Small Business

Small business owners have a whole lot of options when it comes to marketing via door hanger distribution. It’s often hard to pick a delivery method.

  1. Ensuring Your Customers Get the Message

Most individuals don’t read the paper anymore. But a door-hanger forces prospective customers to hear about your company. They need to at least glance at it and nearly everyone will take some time to read it in their front door.

  1. Targeting the Perfect Customers

Therefore, it’s extremely important to target clients geographically when advertising. It is possible to get the map out and see precisely what streets you would like to target. You can pick certain neighborhood to target. No other advertising system is as capable of geographically targeting your clients as hangers.

  1. Advertising Offers Results

Among the worst things about many types of advertising is the doubt about how successful it is. This isn’t accurate about door hangers. You can always know whether or not an advertising campaign with door hangers continues to be successful. This way you can know just how successful your door hangers printing effort has been.

  1. It’s Flexible

Advertising this material is among the most flexible of marketing choices. It is possible to promote the opening of your company. You may advertise seasonal and holiday promotions. The options are nearly endless when advertisements with hangers.

  1. Keep Competitors Guessing

When you advertise with newspaper, radio or television, you’re letting your competitors know precisely what your strategy is. This isn’t true when using door hangers printing. An extra benefit is that your message is right between you and your clients. There’s absolutely not any way that your opponents can eavesdrop in your message, so there isn’t any way they can attempt to replicate or undercut you advertising strategy.

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