Simple Exercises to Improve Vertical Jump

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Having the ability to jump higher than others isn’t possible because someone’s born with that ability. You have to work to jump with a basketball star because it takes a lot of hard work and skill to learn how to improve your vertical jumps. It isn’t just about jumping on a trampoline to try to help improve how high you can jump, exercising can help and there are certain exercises which can help you in many ways. Try the best program – jump manual and learn how to jump higher for basketball.


Squats are some of the best exercises to improve vertical jumps. You are really working the knee and lower leg muscles, building on their overall strength and jumping ability. However, when you do your squats, you want to ensure your back is straight and that you keep the knees over the toes. You want to get into a good ninety degree angle so that you get a good elevation point. You move up and down softly never jerking the moves but softly and smoothly so that you aren’t hurting any muscles and that you build your leg muscles sufficiently.

Front Leg Lunges

Lunges are certainly going to be great for you to improve your vertical jumps. You will find that these exercises allow you to get a better balance as well as core strength and stamina. You need to ensure that you don’t lose your balance and fall over; it’s easily done especially if you aren’t too level on your feet. So, start from a standing position and carefully lunge forward with one leg, hold the position for a second and then do the same for the other leg. These are simple exercises to improve vertical jump.

Step Ups

Using a bench or a chair while going through your step up exercises can be absolutely fantastic. These are not only going to help build your quad muscles but also help to improve how high you can jump. You really can improve your vertical leaps greatly by using step up exercises and even if it might not seem as though, they will help. Your legs are going to become stronger, which means you can project further in your jumps and leaps.

Side Box Jumps

Not a lot of people know much about side box jumps and don’t associate them with increasing vertical jump heights but actually they can! The reason why is because you are able to improve your core strength and your leg muscles. All of this can help and allow you to get greater heights when you try your vertical jumps. You are jumping which makes your body reach bigger heights, making these some of the best exercises to improve vertical jumps.

Use the Right Exercises For You

To be honest, some of these exercises aren’t going to appeal to everyone. Some are a little more difficult than the others however they can all be great to try when you want to improve your jumping abilities. Learn more about best vertical jump programs.

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