How to order personalized bible

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Before we get into the details that how can we get our won personalized bible we should know that what actually the bible is? Basically bible is a word that is originated from a Greek and Latin word which means “Book”. Since it is a book for Christianity and it contains all the teachings of Jesus.

A brief history of bible

It is said that almost forty people contributed in bible. It is not written by a single man. These men include:

  • Kings
  • Saints
  • Priest
  • Fishermen

This book was completed in a time span of fifteen hundred years. This book is written on the Jesus about his acts, deeds and words. The Christians follow this book. This book is available in various forms. To make things easy now bible can be printed in a customized way.

How to get your own personal custom bible

Get your own bible imprint now there are any options to make it more appealing. The customized bible can now be imprinted with various things such as your own name, a brief intro in the beginning or a short aspiring quote or even a thank you note at the end. The great news is this that the price of adding these lines is very reasonable. If you wish to write only one line then it will cost you around only three bucks and in the same way if you want to add two lines then it will cost you around six to seven bucks.

Al you have to do is just pick up the book and simply read the instructions on it in order to get it printed.

How imprinting is done

Imprinting is done automatically and anyone can do it. Simply follow the basic steps which are:

  • Choose the bible you want to add the sayings. When the window appears simply add the text you wish to write.
  • This allows only a total of thirty characters to be added with a space between each letter.


Features of the imprinting

The caption will either be written in silver or in golden color. Mainly these two colors are used so that it goes well with the corner of the pages and printing color. If the cover of the bible is too hard that it cannot be imprinted then a small silver or golden colored plate will be attached on which the caption will be written.

The leather that is used to coat the bible is imported from Europe the main purpose is the inner side of the personalized bible matched the external. The material that is used is 18pt Goudy and the total length of the book is about 15 inches long and 8 inches wide. It entirely depends on the person that which font and what style he wants its inscription to be written in. to get your copy the order is placed online and within the same week the bible will be delivered. It is the best gif ever that you would ever gift to your loved ones.

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