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The one unmistakable word of marketplace platform software jargon that is doing the rounds in the circles of small ecommerce sellers and artisans these days in ‘Etsy’.One often feels, the mark of a reputed marketplace like Etsy is its inimitable style of engaging store owners with its conducive environment wherein prospective sellers are invited to expand their respective online businesses. Many ecommerce merchants are getting increasingly motivated to take their businesses to the next best level rather than maintaining an account in the run-of-the-mill marketplaces. So, when it comes to spurring such bright thoughts, not many marketplaces would be better than Etsy. ‘Shopsy’, the reputed multi-vendor marketplace platform is an exception to this.

Let us look at the features that make ‘Shopsy- Etsy like Marketplace the darling marketplace of one and all:

Robust Commission Payout

No clone script has this feature. Each and every seller in Shopsy multi-vendor marketplace has to obtain a key from his payment gateway. As Shopsy supports PayPal payment gateway, a seller has to obtain an approval key from his respective PayPal account. This pre-approval key acts as a robust security mechanism thereby preventing any fraudulent attacks.

Built-in Newsletter module

Be it any popular marketplace, the registered email accounts of sellers are flocked with spam messages.  However with Shopsy multi-vendor marketplace, this shall no longer be a problem. Thanks to the built-in Newsletter module, each and every user cherishes the prerogative of deciding what notification to receive and what not to receive.

Automatic Commission Tracking

Given the popularity of Shopsy multi-vendor marketplace, it is no exaggeration that each and every store owner has thousands and tens of thousands of customers. Manually calculating the commission on each and every item is a laborious process. Automatic Commission tracking comes to the rescue of sellers. It works in tandem with Robust Commission payout module and delivers quality results.

Social Media Share

In this digital age, you can no longer be relevant if you are no longer social. Good marketplaces are about social media shopping. Great marketplaces like Shopsy allow you to share your reviews, thoughts and purchase decisions with your social media friends on Facebook, twitter and Google Plus. Shopsy ceremoniously believes in ‘Get social, Invite friends and Have fun!’

Multiple Payment Gateways  

When you are on a popular marketplace that is held in high esteem by customers from all over the world, supporting numerous payment gateways is the need of the hour. Shopsy has reputed payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe.js, Briantree and WePay to ensure seamless and secure transactions. Read more on Top 5 payment gateways. (Please place the link here).

Buyer/Seller Discussion board

Be it a simple Thank-you message or a formal conversation, buyers and sellers should be able to converse seamlessly with one another. Thanks to this feature, any misunderstandings can be settled at the earliest. Before initiating a conversation, the buyer or seller has to choose a category from the following available list of categories:

  • Post purchase support
  • Technical issues
  • Conflict resolution
  • Routine conversation.

Thanks to the presence of this module, all messages with different categories are stored separately.

Multi-language module and Multi-currency convertor:

To attract global audiences, it is imperative to display the prices of items in their respective native currencies. This multi-currency module does the needful by displaying the price in the upper right corner of each and every product. Similarly, multi-language module displays the content of the web pages in the native language of the users.

Activity Feed

Shopsy lets sellers follow their beloved customers and vice-versa. Activity Feed, as the name of the module suggests displays the activity of the people you follow. If you are a customer, activity feed displays the recent offerings and initiatives of the sellers you follow. If you are a seller, it displays the wish-lists of customers.

Multiple shipping options

Etsy lacks this enchanting feature. Amazon, the cynosure of all eyes mustered the support of its audiences due to this feature. Shopsy simulates Amazon handmade marketplace in this particular feature. Shopsy has built-in support for multiple shipping options for each and every listed product.

SEO-Centered System

Each and every product listed on Shopsy marketplace script is endowed with Meta tags and product images. Needless to say, product images have Alt tags as well. Multi-level affiliate marketing is a complementary feature that lets your store go viral. To link content across the complete ecommerce marketplace site, keyword rich tags are used.

Advanced Smart Search

How about having some really smart filters that aid you in your search for certain categorized products? Advanced Smart Search has been programmed with high performance algorithm where desired results are returned in seconds.

Location based shop finder

The IP location of the user can be tracked only after the required approval is taken from the user. Names of some amazing shops that are well within the vicinity of the user are displayed. Users can thus shop from home.

Apart from these features, there are other complementary features such as:

  • Dynamic Shop Slides
  • Contact Shop Owner
  • Static Pages Management
  • Shopsy Blogs for Sellers
  • Complaints Dashboard
  • Team Management
  • Gift Cards for users and Shops
  • Unlimited Product Attributes
  • Reports Management
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Sub-admin and Moderators
  • Coupon codes for Shops
  • Dispute Management System
  • iOS Apps for Shop Owners
  • Round the clock customer service and support


All these standout features make Shopsy an exceptional and an excellent ecommerce multivendor marketplace.

Programming each and every module from scratch is laborious. You always run the risk of having innumerable bugs. You have to debug and fix the errors. Apart from Integration testing and Unit Testing, you have to perform Alpha testing and Beta testing. All such endeavors require immense effort, money, time and energy. Moreover, production environments burn a hole in your pocket!

If I were to estimate the cost it takes to build each and every aforementioned module, it approximately takes around $4000. If the module you have built is intricate, the cost may soar up to as high as $10000. Shopsy has more than 25 amazing modules. Going by the above calculation, it takes around $1,00,000-$2,00,000. You need not be a mathematical genius to come to this conclusion…☺

Here is an effective way:

Try Shopsy ecommerce multi-vendor ecommerce software script for a while. You can try the free version. I am sure, you will surely experience the urge to continue with Shopsy ecommerce multi-vendor marketplace. You can try the premium version for advanced features. You will save approximately $97000. Well, what are you waiting for? Start building your marketplace site with Shopsy.  I’m sure, you will not regret…☺

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