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Today phone calls have become outdated. People are seen exchanging messages over their mobile phones. The messages could be anything from a simple “Hi” to more serious ones such as death condolences messages. However, one thing is certain. Messages have come to stay. One advantage of the message over the phone conversation is the proof of the conveyance of the message. You may deny a phone conversation, but you would not be able to deny the messages. Hence, it becomes imperative to save important messages. We shall see how to have backup of text messages from the iPhone to the computer.

how to transfer text messages from iPhone to mac

Things you may need

  • An iPad, iPhone, or an iPod
  • A Mac, or a PC with iTunes installed
  • USB cable

The procedure:

This is a very simple process. It may look very long on paper. In practicality, it is very simple. You can have a simple overview.

  • Using the USB cable, you have to connect the iPhone to the PC and open iPhone Transfer.
  • Open the Device Overview screen and click on the ‘Data’ tab. Now go to ‘Messages’.
  • You may have to create an iTunes backup into the computer in case you have not done so earlier. You have to choose, Yes’. You may already be having an iTunes back up. In case it is more than 24 hours old, the PC will ask whether you would like to create a new one or use the last saved one.
  • Then iPhone Transfer will finish loading the messages. You can select any conversation in the left panel. You can filter the messages by date-range, show attachments, or export the entire conversation.
  • In case you do not wish to save the entire conversation, you can select any particular message bubble or a multiple of bubbles and click on the ‘Export # Messages’ option.

Your back up is over. If you lose text messages on your iPhone, you can use iPhone Data Recovery to recover deleted text messages messages iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, etc., or recover from the backup.

Advantages of backing up messages on the PC

  • You can delete the messages from the phone in the secure knowledge that you have a backup ready in your PC.
  • Your PC might have infinite space as compared to your iPhone. Saving the messages on the PC can free valuable space on the iPhone.
  • In case you lose your iPhone, you can have the messages intact.
  • Many a time you may have to format the phone due to some issue or the other. Under such circumstances, having backup would be of great advantage.
  • You can save the messages as a TXT or a PDF file. You will be able to take printouts of the messages in case of an emergency.
  • You can filter the messages names wise, number wise, or date wise.
  • You may upgrade to another version of the iPhone. However, you need not worry about the old messages. They are safe in your PC.
  • Going through old messages can bring you back to the olden times. it could be an important personal conversation with your loved one.

See details here: how to transfer text messages from iPhone to mac


You have seen how to backup messages from the iPhone. You have also seen the importance of the activity.

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