What Should You Do in Your First Lesbian Date

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Whether you are lesbian, gay, straight or bisexual, dating is a whole new world of unsure and uncomfortable situations for every person. But when it comes to lesbian dating, things can be a bit harder. After all, lesbians have to take into consideration more than a mere wedding ring as far as meeting potential partners is concerned. So, whether you have been out the closet for only 10 months or 10 years, below are several tips that can enhance your self-confidence and have the most triumphant first date.

Stay Calm

It is only a matter of hours until your first date with that amazing woman you consider phenomenal. Unfortunately, there’s a nervous twitch on your left eyelid that happens when you feel stressed out or your armpits seem to be having a full blown waterworks. As it is never recommended to down a few shots of liquor, you better try to play things cool and do some breathing exercise which you think can help. For all you know, the amazing woman is as equally nervous as what you feel.

Always Be Prepared

You now have just several minutes left before you finally step inside the restaurant where you will meet her and your brain cannot stop racing with thousands of questions as to whether you will end up making a fool of yourself and spill your drink on the table, if she will think of you as attractive or what you should do when you run out of things to say.

For this reason, it is a must that you come prepared. Consider this like taking a test back in high school. You will never enter the classroom without going through your notes. So, on your first date, take several minutes to think of some of the latest events or good personal topics that you can use to start a great conversation if an awkward silence sets in.

Show the Real You

Finally, you walk into the restaurant and you see her waiting for you. Butterflies go in a frenzied rumble in your stomach and you even feel a bit nauseous. Yet, one look at that pretty face and remembering how kind she is, you know that you wanted to know more about this gay women. You wouldn’t want to end up screwing up your first date and burst the bubble right there and then.

Take note that on this first date, you don’t send a representative. You have to show up yourself and you have to show yourself, if you know what it means. Isn’t it nice to just be you on this first date and the next one instead of feeling miserable after several years of being in that relationship?

If you still feel nervous even when the date is going well, avoid drinking a lot as this will turn you into a complete train wreck. Be honest and let your date know if you are nervous. For all you know, getting this out in the open can do the magic. It’s even likely that she will admit her own nervousness. Be yourself on your first lesbian dating experience and the rest will simply follow.

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