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Staying at Ca’ Maffio is not just a holiday. The characteristic building with a few rooms for guests takes on another dimension when rooms are located in a unique and special environment, where hospitality and warmth of a home are combined with an excellent background.

Boutique Hotel

As the B&B Ca’ Maffio, located in the Natural Park of Sile, Veneto, provides a holiday in contact with nature, including walks along the lush sides of the River Sile. With its three bedrooms and one suite, Ca’  Maffio is a B&B of charm, it is intimate and private, and was originally a monastery of the fourteenth century. The building looks like a stately home with a beautiful porch and the interior furnished in period style.

From the B&B Ca’ Maffioyou will have easy access to Venice and Treviso, and you will be able to enjoy these cities which are rich in history, architecture and arts. Far from the beaten track, you can reach Venice by river, admiring along the way, the old mills and patronal villas.

The owners Nicolò and Giuliaare glad to meet you at Ca’ Maffio with a warm welcome and a well prepared room waiting for you. They will also happilyprovide you with information on the surrounding places to visit, the traditions, and of all the activities you can experience in their beautiful land.

Altrocanto is another very interesting Boutique Hotel, which is located in Farindola, in the Gran Sasso National Park in Abruzzo. In this wonderful natural setting, a stay atAltrocantosimply means to enjoy an unrefurbished view of nature and history; of forests, waterfalls and caves, and discover ancient sites such as the villages and shrines.

Thomas and Marco will welcome you in their beautiful B&B with five rooms furnished with wooden furniture, made with warm colours. If you love reading this is the perfect place where you can relax with your favourite book in the different corners of the house, or choose between the volumes kept in the rich library available while sipping tea and coffee offered to guests. Wi-Fi is always available for those who like to stay connected to the internet for entertainment or for any job, even during the holiday.

Altrocanto was restored from an old furnace from the 900 which was then transformed into a house in the ’20s, and this charming B&B it still has the look of a real home, both in decor and in its organization. A house surrounded by nature is sensitive to the environment as well asenergy saving and the owners have specifically chosen a biomass boiler and photovoltaic panels to produce electricity, thus combining the love of tradition with modern technological tools. Collecting rainwater to water the garden is another important feature of this B & B perfectly placed in the surrounding nature.

If you ever decide to explore nature at the National Park of Gran Sasso, you are encouraged to face it with a spirit of adventure and also explore the surrounding areas. You will find interesting hiking trails, horseback riding or biking, easily accessible from Altrocanto.

Choose a B&B of charm for your vacation.

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