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When it comes to gaming, the leaders in graphical cards is most certainly Nvidia, however AMD comes a close second. When testing the graphics with Counter Strike we see some issues with connecting the aliasing with the normal graphical interface.

Graphics have improved greatly since the early 1990s where the graphics were close to awful. We have seen textures become more vibrant, and the focus on getting more realistic models has meant that gaming companies are getting closer to producing real life games. These games attract a very vast audience, and a much older crowd who can really appreciate the graphics as they haven’t grown up with the life like animations and visuals, therefore we are seeing a exponential growth in this department and seeing it become more and more important to the modern day society.

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We are also seeing an increase in processing power, alongside the graphical improvements. This processing power improvements and progress is mostly down to huge companies like Intel who are the leaders when it comes to micro-chip processors, again AMD follows as the second market leader, however it has no contest with Intel, and is seen as the cheaper version. With the developments of Sandybridge, then Ivybridge and then followed by Intel’s latest development, it shows that the growth in processors has been very rapid.

Complimenting the processors, is the RAM(Random Access Memory) which is nowadays a minimum of 4GB of 1600mhz, with most gamers having over 8GB and more are leading towards having ridiculous numbers in their PC such as 16 and 32GB of RAM. The 16 and 32 can be seen as a overkill as it’s definitely not needed for today’s standards of games. We had some requirement for more when using our cs go aimbot with Counter Strike, however that was the only time we ever needed over 8GB of RAM.

When you have all this technology in one place, you have one issue. It creates heat, and allot of it, that requires some pretty heavy cooling. We have decided that fans are slowly becoming outdated, due to their non-environmentally friendly method of cooling down our hot pieces. More people are opting to go for water cooling which is now becoming the industry standard, as it’s much more effective at cooling down components in our PC, as it simply targets the component and creates a sink for all the heat to be extracted from the part in the computer, and takes it through the water, which is then recycled with cold water, and the heat is let out from the radiator. This method is very effective.

Overall we are seeing great improvements at an insanely fast pace in the technology world and we hope to see this continue through 2016. The speed we are currently going at, everyone will have super computers in their home in just under 5 years, which is a crazy thing to think of. We will be able to process such inhuman calculations and it will be a big feat in the world today.

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