Benefits of Jogging Strollers

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If you’ve always been a jogger or you want to give it a try, you no longer have to let having a baby slow you down. Just invest in a jogging stroller so you can get out there and watch that baby weight come right off. Read this guide on the benefits of jogging strollers, important things to remember and how to know what to buy.

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Benefits of jogging strollers:

  • Jogging strollers have fixed wheels at the front to keep them straight and excellent suspension systems to keep the pram steady while you are running. They are very smooth even on unpaved surfaces so you don’t have to worry about your baby bouncing around as you run.
  • They are great because they allow you to exercise without having to sacrifice spending time with your child.
  • You can walk with them too if you want to change up your routine or take it a bit easier.
  • If you run marathons, you can continue to do so with your baby. The audience will love it!
  • It gives your baby a chance to get out. Fresh air and new things to look at are an essential part of your baby’s development. Just remember to get them used to the pram before you start going full force because they may not like it right away. Your child should be at least 8months old before you take them out jogging with you.
  • Best of all, you don’t have to let being a mum get in the way of your lifestyle.
  • Your jogging stroller will not replace your regular one. They are bulkier so they can be a challenge to maneuver around crowds and tricky to fit into cars. The straight wheels which make running safe also make turning corners a lot more difficult so use your jogging stroller just for walks and runs and your regular stroller for shopping etc.
  • Keep in mind that pushing the extra weight is going to add more of a challenge to your workout so this might be a good or bad thing depending where you are with your running. Try getting one that is light weight.
  • Definitely keep a weather shield on you in case it starts raining unexpectedly.
  • Always put sun screen on your child when you’re outside, they have very sensitive skin.
  • Always read reviews of the best jogging stroller or the best double jogging stroller (twin or infant and toddler) that you buy. Make sure the pram you get has tested safety features and you’ve read some review confirming that they are safe.
  • Think about extra features that would make your life easier such as a drink console or a tray for your child’s snacks.
  • If you don’t have any good nearby jogging areas, try to find a jogging stroller that folds up so you can put it in your car.

Do some research and look around before buying:

With a jogging stroller, you don’t have to give up running and you and your child can get some great exercise together. Just remember that your baby comes first so get them used to it and ensure that everything is set up so they are comfortable and happy in the stroller.

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