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Just about every industry these days has multiple Trade Shows on their calendar – either to exhibit or simply attend.  Trade shows are your industries’ biggest sales opportunities and networking events of the year.  The most important factor is to get the most out of your Trade Show whether your exhibiting or just attending.

Launch Point Marketing

For those companies exhibiting at a Trade show the investment levels can be significant and where ROI is crucial.  There are so many factors that contribute to the expense: booth space, the actual booth and construction, personnel, technology, travel, accommodations, related marketing and advertising and more.  It is not unusual for large exhibitors to be in the seven-figure range.  Therefore, it’s absolutely critical to maximize your presence and impact at a show.  There are obviously many ways to get the message out before and during the show.  Naturally digital and social marketing efforts get ramped up at this time, and local out-of-home advertising is important to drive those in town to your space.

For attendees not exhibiting at a Trade Show, it’s not uncommon to “create” a presence and have a voice even when you actually have no presence at a Show.This is where creativity comes into play.

Launch Point Marketing works with both areas to amplify one’s presence and also to deliver messaging to all those attending.  There are many industries that target businesses who attend Trade Shows but haven’t a need to exhibit.  LaunchPoint has impactful signage in key convention markets such as Las Vegas and San Diego and can reach attendees when they arrive at the airport and around town near the conventions.  In the Las Vegas airport, LaunchPoint operates a network of spectacular digital displays featuring :30-second video commercials with sound.This messaging is perhaps the most impactful media in all of Las Vegas.  LaunchPoint also has digital signage on The Strip with experiential opportunities throughout most of the major hotels and casinos. In San Diego, LaunchPoint can offer an advertiser the only outdoor signage in the Convention area right across the street in the Gaslamp Quarter and up and down Harbor Drive adjacent to the convention hotels.

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