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Barber Shop New York Manhattan

Facial hair can fade in the sun and turn gray or sometimes it may just differ from overall hair color. For this reason, some men think about changing beard color at Barber Shop New York Manhattan. If you also think about this, our blog is for you. Below you can find the answers to all your questions.

At home or at a barbershop

The best option is to visit Barber Shop New York Manhattan. A professional barber will take care of your beard and mustache; however, such pleasure may cost a lot. The prices for beard care services depend on the quality of beard dye and materials for dyeing. Notice, if you decide to dye a beard, you should repeat the procedure once in 2 weeks. There is another option: you can try to dye beard at home.

How to choose beard dye

It is not recommended to use an ordinary hair dye, as it can burn tender face skin. Also, ordinary dyes are made for soft hair and can lie on the beard unevenly. There is a possibility you won’t get a desirable shade because of the hard structure of the facial hair. Thus, it is better to use a special beard dye, which is used in professional barbershops for beard and mustache. This dye is easy to apply and wash off; it does not cause allergic inflammation. Moreover, this beard care product provides a long-lasting effect. When choosing dye color, remember that it should be one shade lighter than your facial hair. Especially it concerns gray hair dyeing, as it surely will become darker than it is indicated on the dye packaging. It is the common property of gray hair.

Beard dyeing process

First of all, you should prepare the necessary tools:

  • a brush;
  • an appropriate container for dye;
  • disposal gloves.

Second of all, follow these steps:

Step 1. Wash your beard before applying the dye. Then, apply aftershave lotion or balm to the skin, so you can avoid irritation. Moreover, it will be easier to remove excess dye out of facial hair and skin.

Step 2. Apply dye on beard. Just in case, leave some dyeing product in a container, because it may happen that not every hair is dyed at once. Begin to apply color on the upper part of the beard. Then, move to the side parts. When the beard outline is dyed, do the same with the rest of beard, carefully distributing dyeing product on the hair surface.

Step 3. Leave the mixture for as much time, as it specified in instruction (not all dyes work equally fast). Then, rinse well with lukewarm water. If you don’t get a desirable result, repeat the procedure in 15 minutes.

Step 4. As beard grows, you should touch it up on-and-off. You can do it once in 2 weeks or more, it depends on the speed of hair growth. There is no need to dye the whole beard. It is enough to touch up beard lines.

Remember, neat and well-groomed beard always looks attractive. When it comes to gray hair, there is one more reason to think about beard dying. Men with new beard color feel more confident and even younger. With these simple steps, you’ll create your unique beard style.

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