5 Secretes to Buying Real Estate in Northern Virginia

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buy real estate in Northern Virginia

As one of the 13 original American colonies, Northern Virginia boasts of a rich historical background which is still clearly evident today. This, together with the mild climate and the strong job market makes buying real estate in Northern Virginia a lucrative investment.

The real estate market in NOVA has remained fairly stable with the usual seasonal adjustments.  This stability has greatly improved buyer confidence and led to the development of the industry. Therefore, if you are planning to relocate and buy real estate in Northern Virginia, you can have full confidence in the market and count on the different investment opportunities available.

Anyone with information about the real estate market in NOVA, should not have a problem buying property in one of the most affluent regions of the nation. These real estate secretes can help you buy a dream house in the promising region.

Get involved in the game of nines

We all have our requirements for an ideal house. Before you even go house hunting, take time to write a list of what you rate as a perfect house and your expectations. This makes the house hunting process much easier and keeps everything in perspective because you can simply rate the houses with their scores. The one with the highest score automatically wins.

Avoid being coerced

If you are using an agency to help you with the process, ensure that they take you through all the houses that are available based on your requirements. At no point should you be forced to make a decision before going through the houses on their list. Remember, you are only looking for the best option and until you’ve seen enough, you cannot make a judgement.

Get yourself “pre-approved”  

Buying real estate can be confusing at times. You need current information including the interest rates and an understanding of the market before making a decision. To buy real estate in Northern Virginia you need to get “pre- approved” as opposed to “pre-qualified”. An approval gives you a strong bargaining power.

Act fast

Northern Virginia has a total population of about 2.8 million residents making it the most populous region in the state of Virginia. Add this to the fact that NOVA is also the highest income region in the state and you can understand why you need to be swift. Understand that in a seller’s market, there are not enough house to satisfy the needs of every homebuyer.

Sell your property before buying

This mostly affects homebuyers who already have a home but are looking to move to a new house. Start by selling your property before going out hunting for a new house. Try to avoid contingency sales as much as possible because they are never that strong. You may also end up missing out on a lucrative deal because the property seller may not be patient enough to wait until you find a buyer.

As an aspiring home buyer, use these secretes to buy real estate in Northern Virginia and make your dreams come true. Ensure you do a thorough market research to understand the trends and the regulations before opting to buy property.



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