4 Key Reasons You Should Make Handmade Leather Shoes Your Preference

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Handmade leather shoes are in most cases more popular than other regular types of shoes. There is something about the classic leather style which keeps them in fashion for year after year.  In simple terms, handmade leather shoes are made from the most popular shoe-making material (leather) and the fact that they are created by expert craftsmen with a keen eye on every little detail needed to come up with the perfect shoe that fully satisfies the owner in terms of comfort, fit, durability, flexibility as well as the look and feel (style). This being the case, here are the 4 key reasons you should give utmost preference to handcrafted leather shoes.

Handmade leather shoes

They Are Durable Shoes
In the current footwear market where most companies concentrate on mass production, it has really become difficult to differentiate what is imitation from what is real. In most cases, the low cost footwear is made from faux-leather, meaning that you won’t go for long without the need to get an extra pair of shoes. The beauty in hand made shoes from stores such as Reindeer Leather, is that they are made from superior quality, genuine leather, for maximum durability and resilience.

Hand Made Shoes Look Great
When a shoe craftsman is making a single pair by hand, they take their time to concentrate on every little detail, so that the finished product looks exactly as it should. This is of course in terms of design, shape, color and finishing. You cannot compare these with the regular mass produced options, which are done quick and easy with the main aim of sending the product to the market.

They Provide a Comfortable Fit
One of the most important qualities of a good shoe is how it fits and feels on your foot. This being the case, it is important to note that shoes may be of the same size, but fitting is entirely another different thing. Depending on the type of leather or other material used, two different shoes of the same size may not necessarily fit the exact same way, meaning that one may feel more lose or more tight on the same foot. Hand made leather shoes are tailor-made to suit each and every client, providing a comfortable fit based on the type and size of foot as well as the material of choice. Moreover, the craftsman takes time to confirm that all the comfort features such as the padding material, innersole, and breathers if any are perfectly done before the shoe can be considered ready for the client.

Great Class and Style
There is no greater feeling than having to be considered as a person of style and, class and substance. This is the exact same feeling that comes with handmade leather footwear. As a matter of fact, leather footwear has for long been greatly regarded and valued with dignity. Leather shoes are suitable for most events and occasions, from formal to social. The design, color and personal preferences are what matter most.

These 5 reasons are enough are surely enough to make you prefer hand made leather shoes, but where do you get these from? At Reindeer Leather you can find and order different types of handcrafted footwear for both indoor and outdoor use such as boots, slippers, and much more for men and women as well as kids.

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