Reputation Management and Removing Ripoff Reports

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Protecting and restoring your identity online is an increasingly popular topic among people looking for the best reputation management company [] out there. Important for many reasons: a prospective new client is googling your business name before closing a big deal with you, an employer is doing their homeword before hiring an applicant, you are googling your daughter’s new boyfriend – and many other reasons why it’s important to highlight the correct information about you or your company in search results. Removing a Ripoff Report is a hot topic on the mind of those business people who are likely losing out on thousands of dollars in monthly revenues due to articles tarnishing their reputation and credibility. A newly married wife is often embarassed when the first Google search result for their name is a listing on She’s A Homewrecker

Ripoff Report

These clients come my way quite often with similar stories. “This guy came to one of our locations, we had some business dealings, he is angry because of this and that, and now he is putting false information about me all over the internet.” As a search engine optimization expert I don’t get frustrated by the existence of the listing, I get interested. I know how to remove Ripoff Reports and/or push them down in Google search results. I’ve created tons of excellent content and ran positive SEO campaigns for dozens of clients. I’m familiar with the black hat strategies and other negative SEO practices. But to those looking for the easy button, keep looking. It takes time and energy to bury negative listings in Google search results. It also takes a detailed action plan and plenty of fresh and unique content. The negative review about you or your business is a piece of content. Our job is to create enough new content that Google will answer the search query by providing results that favor the websites we would prefer to have listed near the top.

I have clients that have missed out on tens (or hundreds?) of thousands of dollars due to negative information published about them and their companies online. I’ve seen clients pay $15,000 for legal fees and lose in court – along with losing more time and energy. Don’t even bother asking Google to de-list the website until you have a court order for defamation, they don’t want to hear it. It is frustrating for people, often feeling helpless in this type of situation. That is why I spend so much time focusing on reputation management and removing negative reviews. With a dedicated plan it is something I’ve personally accomplished for clients on a regular basis. Repairing your online reputation and increasing your positive SEO at the same time, win-win

You can contact Justin Davis via his website at or by phone at 251-377-1924. His company, Traffic Source SEO, focuses on search engine optimization and other internet marketing strategies.

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