Do you need a Thomas County Lawyer for DUI Charges?

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DUI is one of the most common legal problems people get into. Like the name implies, the crime involves driving a motor vehicle under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol.  A DUI conviction results in long term punishments which can have grave consequences for the rest of your life. Hence, you should always resort to hiring the services of a Thomas County DUI lawyer if you are found driving under the influence.

Thomas County DUI lawyer

Tests that confirm your DUI

Like all legal procedures, you ought to be proven of the DUI, before you can be taken into custody. There are two most commonly used decisive tests that are used to prove that the alcohol content in your body is more than the specified limit. They are- the blood test and breath tests

The legal limit of BAC should be less than 0.8 BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration). However, most cops fail to adhere to the specified procedures when administering the test, which alters the blood test results significantly. This can be challenged in court by your Thomas County DUI Lawyer, thus turning the case in your favor.

The breath analyzer test uses your breath to determine the alcohol content in your blood stream. Although this is one of the most common methods of testing for BAC, owing to the simplicity of the test and portable equipment used, your lawyer can still challenge the claims based on a number of factors.

Facing consequences

When faced with a DUI, your options are very limited and you need to hire the services of a credible Thomasville criminal defense attorney. Lack of which can lead to dire consequences that can significantly alter the course of your life. A DUI conviction will usually result in one or more of the following-

  • Community service
  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Probation
  • Jail
  • Hefty fine
  • A permanent criminal record

Special cases

Some special cases such as a DUI involving a minor or illegal drug abuse, where the lawyer are stricter and your Thomas County DUI lawyer has to work harder in order to reduce the sentencing.

Driving under the influence of drugs are only taken into consideration when the driver is operating the vehicle recklessly on the roads. The prosecution also has a hard time proving that the reckless driving was indeed a result of ingesting these drugs.

A DUI involving a minor is another case that invokes harsher sentences. In fact, if you are under 21 years of age, then even a BCA of 0.02 is enough for you to be convicted of DUI in the state of Georgia. This will results in a permanent criminal record which will significantly limit your job and education prospects in the future.

Having a viable Thomasville criminal defense attorney by your side will help with reduction or even doing away with the DUI cases completely, thus keeping you out of legal troubles.


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