A trench box is what every utility worker needs!

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Trench boxes also known as trench shield or trench sheets are basically structures of aluminum or steel that are used by utility workers for protecting themselves, while they continue to work in a trench. These structures are customized and are constructed to one’s requirements, the thickness of the sidewalls that are held apart with the help of steel or aluminum spreaders. And these spreaders can be changed so that their widths match the width of the trench. The different material being used and the different building designs that there, all these factors affect the depth rating as well. A Trench Box is made bearing in mind the depth of the trench so that the box can easily withstand the collapse without actually buckling. It is normally professional engineers which determine the depth rate of the trench.

Different types of boxes available!

There are many different types of trench boxes that are available. However, the most common trench boxes include the Backhoe Trench Box, the Manhole Boxes, and the Super Drag Boxes etc. The Backhoe Trench Box is a lightweight box built to meet the requirements of the contractor using a small 180-degree backhoe rubber tire excavator. Manhole boxes are used at construction sites, for the construction of a manhole chamber and interceptors as well. Each of these boxes is rapidly gathered and installed and you don’t need an operative either who would enter the unsupported excavation for you. These manhole boxes can be used in trenches that are about 5.5m deep in conjunctions that have about at least two top extension units. The five-panel lengths that are available actually are suitable for all pre-cast ring sizes! These manhole boxes can be installed in a stable ground that is in a pre-dug trench or you can even use the old dig and push method instead. There are handrail panels as well along with the four-way handling points that allow one to feel safe despite the depth of the trenches.

Some more info about these boxes:

While the Super Drag Boxes are used for stabling and self-supporting soil. These boxes are designed in such a way so that they can be pulled along the excavation progress. These are simply pinned struts with having about 600mm of adjustment available. For larger pipes, there is up to 2.1m clearance available below the rear strut and for maximum working space, there is up to 6.1m clearance available between the front and rear struts. These boxes are available in different sizes ranging from 3m to 7m long along with handrails for all sized boxes. A trench box is a utility worker’s need; this is one way of keeping himself protected as he continues to work underground in deep trenches. These trenches sometimes end up being extremely deep something that is dangerous for the workers. However with these trench boxes, there is less chance of any accident happening. These boxes allow the workers to work peacefully since they are well aware of the fact that no accident is to take place, as it is no surprise that accidents so take place at construction sites.

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