7 things i should know about Sculptra

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What would do a woman to remain pretty forever? What a lady is capable to do just to be always young and radiant. Almost everything! Women have been always foppish, but there are too drastic procedures some of them are ready to try in order to fulfill their goal and to be attractive forever. Thankfully, you don`t have to do everything. If you are smart enough, you would choose not only long-lasting beautifying, but also risk-free procedure, right? Then, you might be curious to hear more about Sculptra. Many of you might have heard about it, but only few truly understand it and know why it is so beneficial – especially in comparison to so dangerous interventions like suspicious Botox application or even worse: surgeries that cause pain, scarves and require long recovery. To tell you the truth, Sculptra has nothing to do with these side effects. It has an amazing final outcome, but meanwhile, it is also safe and painless. Want to find out even more about Sculptra? Well, check out the 7 things you should know about Sculptra now then:


  1. Sculptra helps your face to recover by itself. Unlike surgeries that include cutting of your face or adding material to fill the wrinkles, Sculptra is a stimulating procedure that make your facial skin restore, itself and naturally. Sculptra is a specially tailored procedure that helps new collagen production in your epidermis, which is the key to fill the wrinkles and make your face look radiant and young again.
  2. Sculptra is not a surgery, but a procedure. The sharpest and scariest thing that it uses is the needle. With an injection, a special biocompatible and biodegradable material is inserted deeply in the skin. It is a synthetic facial injectable material that doctors call poly-L-lactic acid. In most cases, the procedure is performed by doctors, but it does not mean that it is a scary or serious intervention. It`s just the clinics that offer Sculptra are highly reputable, so they prefer to hire real medical experts. Once the material is injected in your skin, it will help new collagen production.
  3. Sculptra is suitable for several parts of your face: facial dents, the cheek, the tear, the temples and the forehead. It is also suitable for a face with wrinkles, as well as to repair shallow.
  4. Sculptra is not a cosmetic procedure that will get you a new face for a week. On the contrary – it sounds as easy and risk-free as a cosmetic procedure, but it has long-lasting effect as it is a surgery. In most cases, the results last for several years.
  5. Sculptra is efficient due to one main secret: it does not attack the symptom, but the cause. So it is not only covering the wrinkles, but works deeply inside to eliminate the aging process of your skin. By restoring wrinkles and folds, Sculptra makes no discomfort, though to the patient.
  6. How soon the results appear from Sculptra? It is harsh to say when exactly you will feel and see the final perfect effect from the procedure. Because collagen will be produced during a certain period after the procedure. Of course, once the injection is done you will observe the primary effect. Then, with time, all wrinkles will be corrected, because more and more collagen will be produced in your skin.
  7. Sculptra is not expensive. Sculptra price is less than a surgery price, but on the other side, it also excludes any special afterwards treatment or recovery processes and cares. This makes it both: the cheaper and the less painful procedure in comparison to surgeries. The best thing is that you don`t have to ask for some days-off to wait for the bruises or any other side effects to go away. You will enjoy Sculptra result gradually and day after day.

You can get more info about Sculptra in Singapore here: http://www.cambridgemedical.com.sg/, Cambridge Medical Group official webpage.

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