XIAOMI Yi 16.0MP, 1080P Sports Action DV Camera with a Self-portrait Monopod, Ambarella A7LS WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0

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Among all the existing and wearable tech and devices nowadays, the Chinese electronics manufacturer, Xiaomi, has recently captured the interest of the techo savvy users with its new lightweight and Wi-Fi abled action camera—the Yi 16.0 Megapixel 1080P Sports Action DV Camera by self portrait monopod and Ambarella A7LS WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0. Compared to other sports action camera out there, XIAOMI Yi 16.0MP 1080 Megapixel Sports Action DV is considered as one of the cheapest yet functional action cams in the market today. This special product comes in a sturdy and waterproof casing which is made from PC+ABS and metal composite material, thus making it more durable compared to other sports cam.

Compared to its previous model, this latest sports action camera from Xiaomi has been integrated with wireless connection support for mobile phones. Xiaomi sports action camera has Wi-Fi connectivity that can reach up to the proximity of 100 meters better than its previous model, whilst, making it easier for one to move video & image to your iOS or smartphones. Another great integration about this product is that, it has the capability to support MicroSD card up to 64GB, therefore giving you the freedom to store and save huge amount of photos and videos in one place. XIAOMI Yi Sports Action DV Camera also comes by a self-portrait camera, hence making it huge for attractive selfies and giving you the ease of use.
Xiaomi sports action camera

Out in the front of its white box is an F2.8 large aperture that can capture clear and crisp high quality pictures (155 degree very broad angle). If you’ve every handled other Sports Action Camera before, you’ll definitely see that Yi is roughly of the same size as other American company is offering—yet far better. Additionally, Yi Sports Action DV camera has 4 operating modes which includes: Photo, Timed-lapse photo, and Timed Photo and Video. The sports action camera is easy to handle and very lightweight (which only weighs 72 grams) thus making it perfect for pocket sized bag or storage. However, the device app does not support iOS since it is only available only for Android. But on the other side, the app offers customer support which is apparently the other companies do not offer.

XIAOMI Yi Smart Action Camera can produce HD videos and high quality photos through its 16 megapixel Sony Exmor R Cosmos sensor inside. Its higher-end specs means that Xiaomi Yi Sports Action Camera can capture 1080p video at 60, 48, 24 or 40 frames per second, and can also snap photos at greater resolution, same as its predecessor. As evidence to its quality, the images produced are very sharp and fluid even in the low light condition. The photos also maintain high level of detail even when enlarged to 100 percent. The battery last about 75 minutes and can last for more than one day compared to others.


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