Why you need to invest in beautiful card wire

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Id card badges are one of the most important office accessories. They serve multiple disciplinary and  practical functions, and are an integral part of an organized setting. One of their most obvious purpose is to offer a secure the ID cards of employees. These tags are designed in a manner that they can conveniently be worn around one’s neck, thus displaying an authoritative demeanour. The card slots and hole punches adds a secure durability and flexibility when wearing id cards. However, these card wires can be used to store a variety of accessories and has a number of additional uses as well.


Apart from ID cards, these card wires are designed to hold multiple badges, which can be key cards, additional identity proofs or badges for special occasions. The clip at the end of the card wire is designed to hook on to multiple cards with ease and protect the card from scratches. These badge holders are available in a variety of designs and tensile strengths, which ensures the safety of your cards at all times.

These card wires can be customized to have personalized designs, textures and shapes that are in accordance with the general colour pallet of the office insignia, which will you’re your employees a degree of uniformity when a work. Since most offices do not have a specific uniform, this is a great way to ensure that your employees feel like they belong to the same clique.

No more losing your cards

Most customized id cards are designed with the need to conform to specific size requirements. These customized sizes usually do not fit comfortably within a wallet. Even cards that are just large enough to fit into the wallet tend to bend and cut into the wallet skin with time. Also, these cards tend to bend and even break when sitting down. Hence, a good card wire will ensure that both the card and the wallet are safe.

One of the most popular designs these days is ingraining a readable/ magnetic chip within the card to give it additional security. Thus, one might have to frequently use these cards in order to gain access to sensitive locations within an enterprise. Thus having these cards hanging on your neck via beautiful card wires also known as dây đeo thẻ makes is it easy to swipe your card and enter the facility without having to fumble with your wallet and waste precious time in looking for your access card.

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