Why wholesale businesses are so important for large and small businesses

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Whether you like them or hate them, wholesalers are an important factor for businesses. General they are only operate with a Business to Business clientele. This means that a wholesaler buys from businesses, namely a number of different manufacturers and sells to businesses namely retailers and smaller suppliers. They offer a product or a service to retailers who either are unable to purchase from a supplier due to needing too low a quantity or due to the higher prices suppliers often demand.

A wholesale clothing company normally buys directly from a manufacturer, bypassing larger suppliers who often are unable to provide items in large enough quantities for a wholesaler, but this also mean avoiding the suppliers or middleman’s markup fees. When buying from a manufacturer, a wholesaler often has to buy a product, for example, a top in very large quantities usually in the tens of thousands. These wholesale tops or clothing due to the bulk buy often come with large discounts which the wholesaler is then able to pass onto the various different large and small retailers that purchase from it. For small business owners, the prices offered for products such as the item is what enables their smaller company to continue operating and competing with its larger competitors.

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Although the low prices are an incredible incentive to buy from wholesalers to begin with, it isn’t the only benefit wholesalers have to offer to business in general. For a new manufacturer with a new product, the amount of time and effort spent on convincing a wholesaler to stock their product is rewarded tenfold and is far more beneficial than any time spent convincing an individual shop or boutique to stock the product this is due to the vast business clientele that a wholesaler has. If they stock the product it is likely that a larger number and a wider variety of other retailers will see it and purchase the product from that wholesaler. The obvious benefit is that one wholesaler can cover more retailers than a manufacturer could reasonably approach in a short period of time. Another way they help and aid manufacturers or new producers is by working with them to help them understand consumerism. How they can adapt their products packaging, wording, content to make it more appealing to the end customer.


For retail businesses, a wholesaler gives them access to a wider scale of products over a large geographical area at affordable prices than most other smaller stockiest have access too. This enables a smaller business to purchase and offer a wider selection of items to its own customers, which it would be unable to do via a supplier. Another benefit with wholesalers is that besides gathering a wide range of products, they usually arrange them for sale with compatible products from a variety of different manufacturers. This enables retailers to see similar and compatible products that they could sell.

In this manner, wholesalers help the smaller retailers to remain more competitive with other similar but larger rivals and wholesalers can help a new manufacturer or producer to get a foot on the ladder towards selling their product by making it available to a larger and wider range of retailers.

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