Why Should You do Hand Lettering? Some Important Tips Not To Be Missed

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There is some hand lettering tutorial available for your help. Here are some of the unexplored tactics and tools to know about writing. It’s different from what we type on the computer. It needs a little bit attention and creativity. The basic aim to reproduce a material that is unique in its kind.

The physical world remains unconnected through emails. Whatever we do virtually is hard to remember and notice. While a beautiful handwriting can convey effective messages and feelings. This case prevails in the current generation. Therefore, it is their utmost need to learn some hand lettering tutorial and change the way of thinking accordingly.

Best hand lettering tutorialTo learn specific font, just start from copying it. After few days you will notice remembering the font without any help. At that time you can just produce anything in that specific font. Such skill is an easy and unique one. Whenever you write anything in the creative font, the reader will be more enacted. It is the only reason; marketers try to produce uniqueness in what they write and deliver.

Eye movement is an important factor. The space between letters defines how the reader is moving the eye. Rapid movement of eye or stuck at a common centre point is not recommended. It is important to learn maintaining spaces whenever you are writing something.

To increase efficacy in writing, you must not be afraid of checking examples. There are some samples available on Google. You just want to make sure not to miss popular samples. Famous letterers always share their letters in the form of pictures. You can check them through popular websites. Another option is to visit their blog and ask for their contact. It can help in gaining appropriate knowledge.

What are the famous resources for learning?

Based on my knowledge, I can recommend some important social media sources for hand lettering and tutorials.


Sending a tweet with a photo is common. There are various designers who keep posting the fonts and design. They also share illustrations that can be helpful for hand lettering tutorial. You may follow them for updates.


It is an important platform to check what people are commenting about lettering. New ways and scripts can be found. People share URL and sources there for a newbie. I will recommend it to give a good start.


Photos say it all. Just like hand lettering, people share crazy photos. Sometimes a clear contrast or new style of writing can be useful. Therefore for better lettering, I always check Instagram profiles of big designers. Not only this but some lettering fanatics also share new scripts there.


Designers and famous letterers always pin something interesting. It can be useful. To inspire from a famous font or design, Pinterest is the best option. You may find people like you searching and re-pinning the useful material.

In the end, I am thankful for reading my blog. I will suggest you to share hand lettering tutorial and tips with your friends on facebook and twitter.

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