Why Science and Math is so important in Later Life

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Pause for a moment and look around you—your home, the supermarkets across the road, the banks where you deposit your hard-earned savings—what’s the common denominator? Right from preparing your home budget to spending money and learning how to make more money with it—you deal with math. You need to understand figures and be able to do simple calculations to ensure that you’re not being cheated.

Math makes you smarter

Math is needed everywhere

Math is important and there’s no getting away from that fact for you can’t survive if you didn’t know about percentages and fractions and the basic essentials. If you didn’t have the basic math skills, more often than not, you’ll be taken for a ride, you won’t know how good a thing you have going when there’s a discount sale and you can’t manage your money or pay your taxes. In short, you can’t get around without math as it teaches you basic life skills- no one likes to have to depend on others to learn how to manage money and finances—all of us, without exception—like to be independent.

A way to logical and critical-thinking

When you solve an equation in the classroom, you follow a certain method and arrive at an answer—this is when you start to acquire logical and critical thinking in a small way. This necessarily spills over to real life when you have to make decisions about how sound your investments are or how you can prune your budget to buy that car you want so badly. Math in school sets the ball rolling for bigger things in your everyday life. Math makes you smarter and if you want to go into business, then it’s your life-saver.

Science is all around you


If you spare a moment and just dwell on how you live, you’ll see that science and technology play a big role. Right from the moment you wake up, you’re reminded of it at every turn—from the water faucet, your coffee machine, your microwave, smartphone, the car your drive to work—-none of that would have been possible without science and technology. You can’t even count the number of times you take science for granted at every turn, every day of your life. Science is all around you, pervading into every aspect of your life and you depend on it.

Kindles scientific temperament

Whether you need to get that television going, need to fix that refrigerator that conked out on you or get your computer ticking to connect to the Internet, science and tech is involved. When you learned about why the sky appeared blue or about how moving forces were used to generate electricity, you might have had a hard time understanding how these things were going to help later on in life. More than the things you learn about, it’s the kindling of the scientific temperament that’s more important.

Science makes you think and build

Those science exhibitions that you were a big part of in school were important because they inculcated the spirit of scientific inquiry and stimulated you to levels that you never thought possible. They made you think, question, investigate and understand—they made you a self-taught, independent thinker and gave you the power to analyze and dissect while arriving at the truth.

All of us can’t be great mathematicians and scientists, but all of us can take those building blocks of yester year and carve a life that suits us. Science and Math help us to do that.

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