Why Marijuana Users in Schaumburg Could Be Experiencing Reduced Verbal Memory Skills

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Extended word marijuana use and abuse may now be connected to decrease oral memory skills, but additional region of the mind do not show to be as affected by it.  Schaumburg residents need to know this as marijuana use and abuse is just as common and drinking alcohol is in the city of Schaumburg.  There is such a reliable organization with the oral memory for constant publicity to marijuana that there has been some serious re-thinking done by states that are considering legalizing the drug.

The Damaging Effects of Marijuana

Marijuana is by far the most commonly used and abused illicit drug.  In the year of 2001 for example, it was used by roughly seventy-six percent of current illicit drug users and abusers.  In the year of 2001, an estimated twenty-six million Americans of the age of 12 or older were current illicit drug users, meaning they had used an illicit drug during the thirty-day period prior to the survey interview being completed.  This estimate represents about nine percent of the population of the age of twelve years old or older.  True enough, almost one out of every ten Americans over the age of twelve is a current drug user.

These finding were published in the February. 1st online version of JAMA inside Medicine, considering as it did information from a twenty five years United Stat. learning of almost 3,500 contributors from youthful maturity when they smoke pot to maturity.  Study contributor in Birmingham, AL, Chicago Minneapolis & Oakland CA was follow for 25-years from 1985 & 1986 onward.  This study was very thorough, was checked and crosschecked and rechecked, but the truth of the matter kept coming forth, smoking marijuana is very damaging to one’s health

For example, mental ability was experienced at the end of the 25 year learning stage, considering verbal memory, visual motor speed, awareness talent and trouble solving capability among additional talent too.  All in all and in conclusion, those who use pot on a permanent, every day had the majority complexity with the verbal memory in fact.

Though it unfortunately rarely registers much concern amongst modern day affairs in the United States, marijuana abuse is a particularly dangerous issue in the nation today.  One of the most critical areas of this issue is that of driving while under the influence of marijuana.  Columbia University researchers performed a very impressive toxicology examination of nearly twenty-four thousand driving fatalities.  From this study, it was concluded that marijuana contributed to an alarming twelve percent of traffic deaths in 2010, a number that has significantly tripled from that of only just a decade earlier.

Cannabis is a drug, & similar to every drug it can harm various users when they apply it in meticulous ways.  This is the simple and cut and dried truth of the matter.  Schaumburg suffers more from it because Schaumburg simply has more residents that are heavy marijuana abusers than other areas do.  To begin curbing the issue effectively, it will be important and necessary to see to it that as many marijuana users and abusers in Schaumburg get help with their addictions as soon as is possible. They can get help at the drug rehabilitation Schaumburg available to any age of drug and alcohol users in the area. At the drug rehab Schaumburg they specialize in every drug possible and especially in marijuana and alcohol effects and treatment for these two particular drugs since they are more common in the Schaumburg area. Any of the drug rehab Illinois’ specializes in drug treatment for every drug you can think of in order to reduce the amount of drug and alcohol users in the state.

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