Why Losing Weight Too Fast is a Bad Choice

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When you go on a weight loss diet it is best to have a moderate weight loss and not one where you lose more than a kilo per week. If your diet is so low in calories that you lose too much weight too fast you start losing out on muscle content along with the body fat. This will make your metabolic rate drop and when you want to get back to a normal diet you will put on much more than what you had lost initially and added to this you will not be able to get rid of this weight easily even if you do go on a weight loss diet later. Howtly to do anything visit http://www.howtly.com

Losing Weight

The body adjusts to the kind of calorie content you provide it with and an extremely low calorie diet will make your body go into the starvation mode. Fast weight loss means gaining it back

If we lose weight too fast it means that we have not changed our lifestyle to a healthy one and this is only a temporary phase of cutting down on calories. This is definitely not going to be a permanent way to eat and once we resume our normal habits the weight will come back with a vengeance. This is not something which we can sustain for long and if the weight loss is to be a permanent one we have to change our habits and have a healthy and disciplined lifestyle in future. The weight loss diet should be one where the kilos drop off slowly but surely and we get used to this controlled way of eating healthy food.

Fast weight loss makes the skin sag

Fast weight loss creates other problems for us which we are not going to like at all. The skin sags as it loses its elasticity and cannot cope with the reduced body dimensions and shrink back so fast. The skin becomes dry and wrinkled and sags giving one an aged look. The only way this problem can be resolved is to undergo surgery to get rid of the excess skin.

Hair loss because of poor nutrition

A weight loss diet which is near starvation brings about many deficiencies which cause the body functions to deteriorate and affect the working of the organs. The hair becomes lack luster and falls out in chunks and will take a lot of time and effort to get back to its natural condition again.

Instead of ill treating your whole system to lose weight fast it is better to do it in a healthy way and plan a weight loss diet with a calorie content which makes you lose just about a kilo per week. Make sure that your diet has all the essential nutrients and that you do not lose out on good health in the bargain. Eat a little more and burn off the extra calories with a good exercise regime and you will not suffer any setbacks this way.

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